• Camp Len Duong 2003 - This year VASA was able to send 4 students to the annual leadership camp with the help of SGA. The students not only learned about leadership, but also about their culture and heritage. We look forward to seeing what the attendees have planned for the 2003-2004 school year. Again, thanks goes out to all those who helped organize the trip (and drove)! A special thanks to SGA for supporting leadership growth at OSU by sponsoring our students. More information on Camp Len Duong can be found by clicking here.

  • SGA Multicultural Affairs Committee - Want to learn about diversity? Want to get involved in SGA? Want to destroy stereotypes and bigotry? Want to make a change on campus? Applications are available in the SGA office (040 SU Basement) and are due on Friday, October 17th, 2002 [10.11.02]

  • WebTeam Openings - Want to beef up your resume? Want to get active but 'can't make it to all the meetings or events? Do you have a special skill or interest in web development? The VASA WebTeam is looking for additional members to help make the transition to the new site as smooth and impactful as possible. To get involved, send an email to osuvasa79@yahoo.com. The only qualification is that you can make the October 17th dinner-meeting. Place and time to be announced. [09.27.02]

  • Website Updates - With all the new members and events taking place, the time has come again for consistent website updates. This time, however, will be quite different as you'll lay witness to the transformations taking place on the current site, leading up to its BRAND NEW form on January 1, 2003. You'll be able to catch previews of new site layouts and tools if you have a keen eye... and mind. Look for hints to the hidden pages in the coming months. [09.27.02]

  • Message Board Back Online - After a temporary hiatus (due to corruption of a key Java file), the discussions on anything and everything will continue. Don't miss out on any of the action! [09.27.02]

  • Letter from the President - Click to view. [09.06.02]

  • Camp Len Duong 2002 - http://www.vhkhvn.org
    WHEN: Fri, May 24 - Mon, May 27, 2002
    WHERE: Camp Forest Glen, Huntsville, TX
    COST: $90 - $100
    NOTE: Essay Contest & Logo Design Contest pays for Registration
    HOW MUCH WILL VASA PAY? 'Working on it... stay tuned.

  • APAC Interviews In Progress - This past week has seen the start of a number of interviews that will take place this month in an effort to fill the position by the summer. [04.06.02]

  • 2002-2003 Officers Elected - Following the excellent leadership of outgoing President, Steve Truong, is Pauline Pham whom will no doubt take VASA to another level with her newly elected officers next year. That list includes Duy Tran (Vice President), Jordan (aka, Steve's Woman - Treasurer), Cathy Nguyen (Secretary), Linh Sasser (Social Chairman), Khanh Nghiem (Historian), & Lisa Nguyen (Entertainment Coordinator). Also elected to position are Kiem-Dung Ta (Cultural Advisor), and Alan Truong, Steve Truong, & Benson Chu (Board of Trustees). Profiles to come this summer. [04.06.02]

  • Dr. Brown Says Goodbye - This year, this very semester, will be Dr. Donald Brown's last at Oklahoma State University. He will be honored at our annual closing celebration. Contact us for an invitation. [02.04.02]

  • Asian Pacific American Coordinator (APAC) - OSU has finally made a move on the issue. They will be hiring a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) for the position. Money has been allocated and the search has begun. Even with this, we will continue our efforts to obtain a Full Time APA Coordinator for our university. Stay tuned. [02.04.02]

  • Proposal For An Asian American Coordinator (more info)

  • CAMP LEN DUONG 2001 (more info)
    National Youth Leadership Development Camp
    Time and Date: 6:00PM 5/25/2001 - 2:00PM 5/28/2001
    Location: Camp Young Judaea - Wimberly, Texas

  • September 11, 2001
    To those who have been effected by the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, please know that our heart goes out to you.
    Indeed, we as a group should unite and put forth our hands and support for those loved ones who are lost on that tragic day. Lost but never forgotten....
    HoPe, Hand, HeAL, HearT

  • September 16, 2001
    Updates currently include photo album, officer's page, meeting, and finally activity times.

  • January 30, 2002
    VASA 2002 Sports Tournament information is up. Please follow this link to the Sports Tournament.