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     1.   Lisa Nguyen			Melisa Hua
     2.   Tri Nguyen			James Trina
     3.   Pauline Pham			Mike Upshaw
     4.   Duy Tran			David Le
     5.   Kim Thao			Nhi Hoang
     6.   Steve Truong
     7.   Jordan Ensley
     8.   Robert Ngo
     9.   Malaysian Student Society
    10.   William Hua
    11.   Patrick Tam
    12.   Giang Vu
    13.   Cindy Keo
    14.   Sean Cooper
    15.   Kim Pham

Greetings to all,    
    The time has come for the "Great Illinois Float Trip."  We would love it if all
of you would come along and join us.  The groups that we are going are OSU's VASA,
OSU's AASA, OU's AASA, and OU's VSA.  If you haven't gone rafting/canoeing before
then you are missing out so join us, but if you have gone before then you know you
want to come out there with us... hehe.  Well, since we have to tell the resort ahead
of time about how many are expected, I am asked everyone to email me back asap (I
am only sending this infromation to the officers so please inform your members cause
we would love for them to come out, thanks).  Here is all the information we have
concerning the trip.

Date: September 14, 2002 which is a Saturday
Resort: Sparrow Hawk Camp, in Talequah, OK
note: it includes original prices, pictures, directons, and a toll free number if you wish
to find out more information about the resort. 

Prices: We called to get a group rate and they gave us a deal for I think a group
of 20+ ppl For a 13 mile float trip in which we can end at 7 miles if we wanted to
(but we aren't). If there is a group that can not make it out on time then we can wait
for them at the end of seven miles. What do you all think about that  
            Canoes : $12.00 per person
            Rafts : $15.00 per person  

Note: Everyone pays for themselves unless their organization wants to do something
else, and remember that we want to eat too so one should have like $25.00 which is
well worth it. Also bring snacks and drinks for the trip downstream. 
Directions:  here's a website that one can use
for directions. Oh and remember to car pool aight hahaha. 

As of now the plan is -
1. Meet at Tahlequah by 11:00 AM at the Wal-Mart 
2. Go eat together somewhere....
3. Head out to Sparrow Hawk Camp
4. Float down that River for 5-7 hrs.... hey should we try fishin' hahaha. Bring fishin'
poles if ya want
5. Finish off the river then head out together for some dinner.... 
6. Departure whenever.... how sad.... : - ( 

So please tell your members and email me back with a list of all those who wish to
embark on this great adventure (from your organization). Thanks and hope everyone
can make it out!

Representin' OSU VASA,