Canoe Trip Agenda

Date: April 27, 2002

Location: War Eagle Floats

            Website -

            Directions – 2 miles east and 5 miles north of Tahlequah on Highway 10

            Contact – LD

            Rates - Canoe rates

                        12 mile trip = $15.50 per person but

                        For 8 or more canoes it will be $12.50 per person

For 20 or more canoes it will be $12.00 per person

            Camping Rates - $5.00 per car to camp


Schedule –

8:00AM – 9:00AM

Meet at the SU so that we can carpool

10:30AM – 11:00AM

Arrive at War Eagle’s and meet with our other groups (OU, OCCC, TU)

11:00AM – 12:30AM 

Mingle with people, eat sandwiches and chips, and then clean up


We will be taken upstream to our starting point, given instructions, and set


12:30PM – 6:00PM 

Our float down stream, get to know people, pushing people off their

canoes, resting, taking pictures, swimming, tanning, and more


            We will be picked up by the War Eagle crew and taken back to our



10 Things to bring along

1. yourselves

2. bathing suit, swimming trunks, or clothes that can get wet

3. money

4. water shoes or sandals that are waterproof and that won’t slip off

5. suntan lotion if it’s sunny

6. extra clothes to change into afterwards

7. waterproof cameras

8. a smile

9. toilet paper hehe j/k

10. a surprise you want to show us all


What else is there to tell…

-          We might have another group from Tulsa (the soccer team coming) and an OKC group of 30 people might join us. The group will be like 30 – 70 people possible, I think.

-          Plan B is to meet with Betty and the other 2 officers at OU for possible laser tag but the prices are crazy. (for 30 people it will be $155 for like 20 minutes (or a private game); but as of right now the weather is going to be partly cloudy and 78F – 56F

-          There are people camping so people who want to camp should talk to them


What to do about food?