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...CANOE TRIP 2002!!!

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Thursday, April 25, 2002 2:00:46 AM CDT

Sup Guys,

It's about time to meet our OU friends hehe. I am pretty sure that we are going on Saturday because it is only predicting AM Showers so when we are actually canoeing, it would not be raining. Anyways here are several directions to get there from Stillwater or Tulsa. Remember that we are going to go to WAR EAGLE FLOATS and not Peyton's place or Falcon's Floats. I just gave you those directions because they are close to each other. Here are the websites.....

War Eagles (This is where we are going)

Peyton's Place (not where we are going but they have good directions on the website)

MAPQUEST (online mapping-Stillwater to Tahlequah)

Directions from Falcon's Float (not where we are going)

From Tulsa Take Hwy 412 East to the Cherokee Turnpike (Cherokee Turnpike starts 5 miles past Chouteau). Take the first exit off of the Cherokee Turnpike. Signs say to Tahlequah, NSU, Lake Tenkiller. After exiting, turn Right at the stop sign, you will be on Hwy. 82 South. Follow 82 South to Tahlequah. At the first stop light turn left. The signs will say Hwy 62 East, Hwy 51 East, Hwy 10 North. Follow this East 2 miles to Hwy 10 North. Turn left on Hwy 10 North. Follow it 1.5 miles to Falcon Floats. We will be on your right.

From Oklahoma City Take I-40 East to 69 North (This is the Muskogee Exit which is a couple of miles past Lake Eufaula). Take 69 North to the outskirts of Muskogee. Just as you enter Muskogee take Peak Blvd. or Hwy 165 East to the right. Sign will say to Tahlequah. 165 East will split. Left goes to Tahlequah, Right is the Muskogee Turnpike. Stay on 165 to the left, for approximately 3 miles. Take the Tahlequah, Ft. Gibson Exit. This is Hwy 62 East. Follow 62 East to Tahlequah. At the 4th Stop light turn Right. There will be a Food 4 Less and Reasor's on this corner. You will still be on Hwy 62 East. Follow this 2 miles to the 3rd stop light. Turn Right. There will be a Phoenix Inn motel and Shorty's Pizza Place on this corner. You will still be on Hwy 62 East. Follow this 2 miles to Hwy 10 North. Turn left on Hwy 10 and follow it 1.5 miles to Falcon Floats. We will be on your right.

I guess that is it. Can't wait to go. Good Luck everyone and make sure you have a ride(if not then give me a call at 332-1211). I'll email you again to make sure that we are going weatherwise. Oh and it's about 150 miles away for us from Stillwater so it's going to take about 2.1 hrs.



Well everyone,

It's time for the exciting canoe trip. YEAH!!!!!! We are leaving on Saturday, April 27, 2002 from Stillwater @ around 8:30 - 9:00 AM so that we can arrive at our destination around 11:00 AM. [OU and their group will be leaving at their respective times and will meet us there.] We are going to War Eagle Floats....sound good? We will get there and have some sandwiches or whatever....some spaghetti/fettucini. After we [are done] eat[ing], around 1:00 PM, we will be picked up by the uh....the guides and stuff. They'll take us upstream to our starting point. There, we'll be receiving our canoes for a twelve mile trip which will last app. four to five hours.

I have been asked if people can bring'll probably be more fun with more people but if anyone objects, then speak up.

Oh as for camping, I need to know who wants to camp b/c if enough people are willing to, then VASA will pay for its members.

There is a Plan B which will go into affect if the weather is bad. Cathy has suggested that we let OU decide what to do, i.e. hanging out in the city, vandalizing stuff, stealing, robberies....ya know....stuff ou does normally...j/k, betty! okay okay....this is just the first update. We'll have more coming soon.....check your email!

vasa luv,

Canoe Tipping Contestants from OSU
  1. Tri Nguyen (Scout Leader of this funkyExpedition, 332-1211)
  2. Lisa Nguyen
  3. Steve Truong (Commander-and-Chief)
  4. Sean Cooper
  5. Cathy Nguyen
  6. Anh Vu
  7. Hai Du
  8. Quyen Nguyen
  9. Duy Tran
  10. Robert Ngo
  11. Benson Chu
  12. Cindy Keo
  13. Chin
  14. Jordan Ensley
  15. Michael Lerch
Message to OU:

Betty Luu... You're going down!!!



Canoe Tipping Contestants from OU
  1. Betty Luu (Scout Leader & Commander-and-Chief)
  2. Jennifer Doan
  3. Vu Nguyen
Excuses given for not going on the canoe trip that makes Benson want to say, "That was not cizu..."
  1. I'm going to the military ball. (right...)
  2. I don't know how to swim. (girl, we can teach you...)
  3. It's gonna be hot. (...)
  4. I don't want you guys to throw me in the river- I know how guys think. (nu uh...)
  5. I have Finals in two weeks. (...what?)