OSU Karate Club

The OSU Karate Club is open to all styles at all belt levels, from beginner to advanced.

A typical club training session is organized as follows: The first twenty minutes or so consists of warm-up exercises. After warm-up, there is a structured workout that includes learning and practicing defensive techniques (blocking, punching, kicking) and grappling (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). We also learn and practice techniques involving short stick (Kali), staff (bo), sai, kamma, tonfa, and other traditional Okinawan self-defense weapons. The remaining time is spent on various activities such as kata practice, heavy bag drills, self-defense, sparring, and ground fighting.

Membership fee is $10 for the Fall semester, $10 for the Spring semester, and $5 for the Summer session.

The Karate Club meets on Fridays 7-9 PM in the Combatives room at the Colvin Center.

For additional information, you may contact:
* Pouyan Ebrahimi, President of the Karate Club pouyan.ebrahimiATokstate.edu
* Adeiza Omonori, Vice President of the Karate Club adeizaATokstate.edu
* Jarrett Talbott, Treasurer of the Karate Club jarrett.talbottATokstate.edu
* Habib Boloorchi Tabrizi, Secretary of the Karate Club hboloorATokstate.edu
* Kerris Powell, Assist. Inst. of the Karate Club kerris.m.powellATokstate.edu
* M. Samadzadeh, Faculty Advisor of the Karate Club 744-5674 samadATcs.okstate.edu

(Date of last update: August 2017.)