All Malaysian students registered at Oklahoma State University will be automatically
gain active membership. Active members have voting rights, shall be eligible to hold
office, and shall participate in all functions of the SOCIETY.
Non-Malaysians at Oklahoma State University, or Malaysians not registered at Oklahoma State University with interest in the SOCIETY shall be eligible for the associate membership. Associate members shall pay membership fees, have no voting rights and shall not be eligible to hold office, but shall be eligible to attend all functions of the SOCIETY. 
Associate members shall be classified as non-Malaysian nationality or non Oklahoma State University State Malaysian Students.
Distinguished person with keen interest in the SOCIETY shall be eligible for conferment of Honorary Member. Honorary members should be voted by the majority of the members, pay no dues, have voting rights, and shall be eligible to hold office, and shall be eligible to attend all functions of the SOCIETY. 

The Executive Committee shall plan,
manage, and execute the activities so as
to accomplish the aims and the objectives of the SOCIETY.
The Executive Committee shall meet at
least once a month or as requested by a
majority of the Executive Committee. 
The Executive Committee shall serve the
SOCIETY until the Next Annual General

To be a member of the Executive
Committee, a member should be elected
by the member in the Annual General
Meeting, a full-time student at Oklahoma
State University, and have at least a
2.0 GPA.

Executive Committee Members, regardless of his or her position in the Executive Committee of the SOCIETY, are subjected to be relieved from his or her position if he or she neglects any duty assigned to him or her. 
This decision shall be made solely by the
Executive Committee members in a majority vote.

Graduation Night Fall 2006
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Dear fellow friends, students, and graduates,
Please reserve your ticket(s) by sending email to or call Ah Kam at 405-3343644 by December 5th, 2006

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Posted on 10/02/2006

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To look after the well-being and interest
of the members of the SOCIETY. 

To foster high standards of scholarship,
character, leadership, and to strive for the spirit of fellowship among members.

To promote recognition of the Malaysian Culture, and  
To foster good relationship with other
students’ organizations in the United States and abroad.

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