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Bohumil Makovsky


The Guiding Spirit of Kappa Kappa Psi

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"The Most Unforgettable Character I have ever known"

Governor Melbern Nixon


Bohumil Makovsky was born in Frantisky Bohemia on September 23, 1878.

Boh's first instrument was the Albert System Clarinet, which he learned to play from his uncle.

Boh arrived in the United States at the age of 17 and worked as apprentice to a cigar maker in Nebraska.

Boh only received 6 years of formal education throughout his life.

Boh served as Band Director and Head of the Department of Music at Oklahoma State University (the Oklahoma A&M College) from 1915 to 1945.

Boh was the first homorary member of both Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma.

Boh's trademarks were his uncrushed, black bowtie and his pipe, shaped like a miniature saxaphone, which he called "his best friend."

Some of Boh's close friends were men such as John Philip Sousa, Henry Fillmore and A. A. Harding.

Boh like to call certain rare instruments owned by the university, such as the sarousaphone, the hecklephone and the contrabass clarinet, "his pets."

Boh received an Honorary Doctorate of Music Degree from the University of Tulsa.

Boh was a 33rd Degree Mason, the highest degree of masonry.

Boh is listed among the Who's Who Among American Musicians.

Boh was awarded a place of honor in the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

Boh was made Honorary Chief of the Kiowa Indian Tribe.  They called him "The Great Father of Oklahoma Music" and presented him with and indian war bonnet.

Bohumil Makovsky died June 12, 1950 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

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