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The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) serves the scientific and professional needs of OR/MS investigators, scientists, students, educators, and managers, as well as the institutions they serve, by such services as publishing a variety of journals that describe the latest OR/MS methods and applications and by organizing professional conferences. The Institute also serves as a focal point for OR/MS professionals, permitting them to communicate with each other and to reach out to other professional societies and to the varied clientele of the profession's research and practice.

Our Mission

  • To encourage interest in the field of operations research and the management sciences
  • To encourage discussion and interaction among individuals having interest in the profession of operations research and the management sciences
  • To provide a means of communication between people having interest in the management sciences and operations research
  • To provide an informal means of exchanging information about operations research and the management sciences educational programs and opportunities
  • To provide an informal means of exchanging information about the methods and techniques of the management sciences and operations research
  • To present a forum of visiting or in-house speakers from both academic and non-academic environments
  • To help student members in employment and internship related issues


Why you should consider becoming its member?

Discounted Member Rates: on all products and services provided by INFORMS

Publications: A variety of 13 publications and more than a dozen books. In addition, INFORMS offers discounts on affiliated or related publications.

Conferences: Large national and international meetings as well as smaller special interest meetings.

Internship Program: gives interested students the opportunity to gain valuable industry experience.

Job Placement Service: helps hundreds of members find better jobs. Available to members only at www.informs.org/JPS. The service is free to all paid members. Job interviews are held in conjunction with the INFORMS meetings.

Annual Comprehensive Index: based on the International Abstracts in Operations Research, is a searchable database of more than 19,000 bibliographic entries going back to 1982. The journals include all ORSA/TIMS journals from 1982 to 1987 and approximately 150 ORSA/TIMS/INFORMS and other journals since 1988.

Group Insurance: this program provides our members with seven insurance plans, including life and health insurance, at economical group rates for extra protection through every career move.

Credit Card Services: through MBNA, offer the INFORMS Platinum Plus MasterCard exclusively to members. Benefits include no annual fee, exclusive access to travel services, and a low
introductory APR. Please call (800) 457-3714 for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities: INFORMS depends on its volunteer base! There are many opportunities to get more involved and to enrich your professional community. An assembly of committees directs the general membership, guiding activities such as membership, meetings, awards, and the academic/practitioner interface. In addition, each subdivision requires volunteers for such positions as chair, vice-chair; treasurer, newsletter editor, and membership director.

Consider Joining INFORMS Today!