Introduction of Hong Kong 
 Introduction of HKSA 
Hong Kong is one of the attractive international city in the world. This small territory has granted a name of Pearl of Orient because it is a miracle city of Chinese culture. Although Hong Kong has landing area of 415 square miles, it has 6.3 millions inhabitants. It creates the world biggest per-capita consmers of cognac. Its economic become even more impressive. It is a world's eighth largest trading entity and one of the world's largest exporters. One can see world's busiest container port, the longest span road-rail bridge, the longest outdoor escalator, the biggest bronze Buddha, the largest Chinese restaurant, and even the busiest McDonald's in Hong Kong. Hong Kong will return to Chinese rule at midnight on June 30, 1997 and release its role of British Crown Colony.  

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Hong Kong Student Association reunions three years ago. Started in 1993, the HKSA of OSU has grown rapidly. The objective of ours is to help new students from Hong Kong to adapt to the way of life in America and to provide an opportunity for students from different countries to learn more about Hong Kong. In just three year, we have been successful in our objectives. We have shown a number of popular Hong Kong movies to public, hosted picnics and get together, and put on a party for Chinese New Year. Specially in 1994-95, we had an open forum for the discussion of reforming China with Student Union Activities Board and designed our own T-Shirt. In addition, we have joined with other international associations in organizing the International Expo each year.   
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