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On Oct.16, we will have international expo show off. Our association will join the crowd and have some hong kong stuffs. Members should join the crowd and show our spinit!!! Any comment?!

Any member wants to sell or buy anything. We will post their requests on the HKSA homepage.. Please send email to Kevin.

Our Mid-Autumn festival is going to be held on Friday, Sept 27 at 7:00pm. The location is Brumdly which is opposite to police department. Have fun!!!

Something that makes you smile is coming soon! Please check back as soon as you can!

Seven of our members will graduate in this coming December. They are Chris Lam, Tina Lam, Kennie Lee, Maggie Ma, Kevin Mo, Vivian Ng, and Rosa Wong. Congratulation to all of them and Wish them have a bright future!

We have a Victory on Pool event!! Ben Ng has won a silver metal of Pool event in ISO olympic!! Congratulation To Ben!!

A big THANKS to everyone who came to our basketball game on Tuesday night!!!
Special thanks to BOK who once led our great team to a 16-7 lead over the VASA team, BOK, you are the MVP of the night, man. We all want your autograph, BOK. Although we didn't finish the game because of injuries, we did do our best and that's what really counts. Thanks again for such a great effort and good luck to Tommy (the Amigo) Mo, Jacky (Leon) Leung, and Ben (.....) Ng in their events to come! Go guys!!!!!
Congratulations to the VASA team also, maybe we'll see you all next year!

1996-97 Hong Kong Student Association Election Result!!!

Vice President:
Ben Ng
Tina Lam
Michelle Law
Vivian Ng
Chris Lam

General Affairs

Annual Meeting

Please be informed that the 1996-97 Annual General Meeting will be held on August 23 1996. This will be by far the most important meeting for our association. We will have our election of the new Executive Committee, Year Plan Idea Setting, and General Association Affairs. About Election, there will be four posts in this year: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. We also would like to welcome any new students or members of this year in the meeting.

The following is the agenda of the meeting.

  • Date: August 23, 1996
  • Time: 5:30
  • Place: Classroom Building

    If you have any comment, please send mail to Kevin Mo

    1. Brief Introduction.
    2. Ideas of Year Plan Setting

  • International Student Sports Festival (Sept.1996)
  • International Expo (Oct.1996)
  • Cultural Night (Mar.1997)
  • Mid-Autumn Festival Night (Sept.1996)
  • Chinese New Year Party (Feb.1997)
    3. General Association Affairs
  • Newletters (One issue per semster)
  • Member Contact list (On the web site
  • Membership Fee ($4 per semester)
    4. Election of the new Executive Committee.
    5. Meeting completed if no any other business arise

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    Kevin Mo
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