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Don't have enough money to send fax? You can send free fax messages now!
Want to see a Live video TV on the net?
Wanna hear a Real Live concert? No problem! Get RealAudio player now!
Send a postcard fast and cheap? Electronic postcard will be your choice!!
Send a Electronic Postcard of your favorite picture!
If you like Electronic Cards, please visit Internet Cards Central
Talk so frequently on the phone?? You gonna to have Internet Phone to call your friends!
Don't know what's WebPhone?
Gonna to have send voice e-mail to your friends today!!
A great animation picture Page!!
Another Page of animation!

Software & Programming

Freeware and Shareware? Have it all!
Introduction of CGI programming.
Inotroduction of perl programming
Perl Manual
Perl FAQ
Perl Stuffs and Links
Introduction of object-orient programming
More CGI
Programming Tuturiol Gif Animation
Dynamic Links Libraries
Java's Homepage
Java Computing Page
Java in Nutshell
Introduction of Java Novell Inc. Homepage
Novell NetWire Home Page
Novell Education
Netware Users International
Cyber Pass Inc.-Shareware Test for CNE
Microsoft Windows 95 Home Page
Stroud's CWSApps List-Tons of Shareware for Win95
Shareware at
Xiaomu's Internet Apps
Randy's Windows 95 Resource Center
What's New At TUCOWS
Frank Condron's Windows 95 / Windows NT Page
Windows95 Annoyances

Telecommunication Analysis
Neural Networks

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