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Planting Sessions

Many times throughout the year, the club has planting sessions where members get together to prepare for our Plant Sales. Members get hands on experience during these sessions. Each session is different allowing members to diversify their horticultural knowledge and techniques. Activities include: propagation, potting up plugs, pruning, watering, dead-heading flowers, plant division, and labeling. 

Yuki propagating plant material.


The Hort Club takes both educational and recreational trips. We usually try to find some place where we can see gardens and also do other activities. In the past, the Hort Club has been to San Antonio, Dallas, Kansas City, New Mexico, and Arkansas. 

Homecoming & Ag Week
The Hort Club takes an active part in OSU Homecoming. We have a creative group and have even won the coveted front window spot once. Here, members of the Hort Club work on the Homecoming window.

Puts the finishing touches on the window at Ag Hall.

The College of Agriculture celebrates Ag Week in March. The Hort Club promotes the Club through the sign competition.

Getting start on our entry for the sign competition!

Shelly working on the verbage for the competition!

Community Service

Throughout the school year the Hort Club is involved in a number of community service projects. This year we will participate in the Big Event, a nation-wide community service project. In addition, we will be taking plants to nursing homes, collecting canned goods for Harvest II, and teaching a workshop at the Spring Home & Garden Show.

Flower planting project at the Stillwater Head Start.
Flower planting project at the Stillwater Head Start.

Teaching youth the art of propagation at Nature Day.

Members sharing their passion of horticulture through plant propagation at Nature Day.


The Hort Club is a member of ASHS-ACB and competes in the Southern Region and National ACB Horticulture Judging and Identification Contests as well as participating in ASHS-ACB functions. These competitions and meetings are a huge benefit for horticulture majors. By competing in the contests, members get a chance to learn to evaluate plants and test their skills. The other ACB activities encourage interaction with students and professors from other schools who will one day be colleagues in the horticulture industry. 

Kenny practicing for the horticulture judging competition.

Oh... We also have parties!
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