As Amended August, 2002

Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be: "Taiwan Student Association”, hereafter as TWSA.

Article ll. Objective

        The object of this organization shall be

  a.       To provide help and reception for students and scholars from Taiwan.

  b.       To promote social and intellectual intercourse among its members

  c.       To promote its members' interest in Taiwanese culture and enjoyment of friendship.

Article lll. Membership

Section 1. Membership Qualifications

All students, faculty, staff, visiting scholars, post-doctoral researcher, alumni, including members of their family who came from Taiwan and is affiliated with TWSA.

Section 2. Membership Enrollment

All who qualified as a TWSA member as specified in Section 1, Article III is a member of TWSA after the membership fee is paid.

Section 3. Unresolved Qualification

    TWSA Executive Committee shall resolve the ambiguities in membership qualification.

Section 4. Membership Fee

A.      Membership fees are due on a semester basis.

B.      The membership fee and the due date are declared by TWSA Executive Committee.

Section 5. Member Rights

A.      Members of TWSA hold rights for electing, candidacy, impeachment and voting.

B.      Members of TWSA hold rights to participate in Member Convention and TWSA events.

Section 6. Member Obligations

A.      Members of TWSA shall comply with TWSA constitution and all decisions made by Member Convention.

B. Members of TWSA shall help on relevant affairs of TWSA. 

Article IV. Legislative

        Section 1. Organization

                Supreme legislative power in TWSA is vested in Member Convention.

        Section 2. Executive Committee

A.      Three to five members of TWSA are elected during Member Convention to serve as Executive Committee of TWSA for a one-year term, starting from the elected day. Reappointment is allowed for the duration of qualified membership.

B.      President of TWSA is elected among Executive Committee Members for a term of one year. Reappointment is not allowed.

C.      President shall serve as the coordinator of TWSA events and appoint duties for Executive Committee. President shall represent TWSA for external affairs.

D.      In order to facilitate TWSA affairs, each of the members of Executive Committee holds the right to assign their own cabinet members.

Section 3. Financial Report

             Executive Committee shall file a financial and relevant report upon one of the Regular Member Convention. 

Article V. Member Convention

Section 1. Regular Member Convention is held on a semester basis.

Section 2. Special Convention shall be held on any one the following situations:

A.      The decision of Executive Committee.

B.      A written countersignature to the Executive Committee by one fifth of all TWSA members.

C.      Members of TWSA hold the power to call upon Special Member Convention after fourteen days of situation specified in Section 3.B, Article V occurred.

Section 3. Executive Committee should notify members the Special Member Convention seven days before the convention occurs, with a written notice.

Section 4. The Decision of Member Convention shall be invalid if the composition of the convention is less than one-third of all TWSA members.

Article VI. Election and Impeachment

            Section 1. Election

               The election of Executive Committee shall be held at the Regular Member Convention. Committee members are elected

               among TWSA members.

            Section 2. Impeachment

               The Executive Committee can be impeached upon salient violation of TWSA constitution or regulations. The impeachment process

               is as followed:

                        A.     Impeachment proposal requires the countersignature of one fifth of all members, and the reason of impeachment should

                               be clarified in Member Convention notification.

B.      Impeachment proposal shall be legislated by anonymous voting with over two third of all participants in the convention voting for the proposal.

Article VII. Amendment of Constitution

A.      The amendment proposal of the constitution of TWSA requires the countersignature of one fifth of all members, and the proposal should be stated in Member Convention notification.

B.      The amendment proposal shall be legislated by over two third of all participants in the convention voting for the proposal.