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Welcome to the Homepage of Bangladesh Student Association, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater. This site is dedicated for providing services to the Bangladeshi prospective students. In addition, we welcome everyone to come here to receive information about Bangladesh, about Stillwater and about our activities here at Oklahoma State University.


Reading the world's press you could be forgiven for thinking that Bangladesh is a disaster zone rather than a travel destination. But hiding behind these images of cyclones and floods is a strikingly lush and beautiful land with a rich history and a variety of attractions unusual for a country this size. For a start, you can visit archaeological sites dating back over 2000 years; check out the longest beach and the largest littoral mangrove forest in the world; and see decaying 'Gone With The Wind' mansions of 19th-century maharajas.

Basic Facts About Bangladesh

Full country name: People's Republic of Bangladesh
Area: 147,570 sq km (56,977 sq mi)
Population: 142.3 million (2011 est.)
Capital city: Dhaka (pop: 12 million)
People: 98% Bengali, 250,000 Bihari, tribals less than 1 million
Language: Bangla, English
Religion: 86.6% Islam, 12.1% Hindu, 1.3% other
Government: Republic
President: Zillur Rahman
Chief Minister Sheikh Hasina

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