ASLA Spotlights

Month of October

Dude Man :

This column presents special individuals in the Landscape Architecture department for their strange mannerisms, funked-out sayings, and odd incidents. Due to his witty vocabulary Dudeman has been selected as our first victim. For those of you who have not been graced with the presence of Dudeman keep a watch out. He'll use clever words like dude, man, chick, like, and of course dudeman which should give him away. Another hint for you Dudeman virgins is his real identity - Yes! It's the wonderful and talented Scott Hobson. He resides in studio one, always has a baseball cap on backwards, and always needs a shave. So when you see Scott salute him with a dudeman and keep your eyes open for more outstanding individuals who deserve the spotlight in the next edition of OSULA.

Month of November

The Invisible Designer:

There are rumors in Studio 1 that there is a student that appears at the corner desk by the window on the night of a full moon. We have also had reports that he resembles a dear friend of ours, Josh Thomas, a.k.a. Darth Vader. Josh was never big on attending class but

this semester is different. No one has seen or heard from Josh, but mysteriously at presentation time a design unfolds with his name on it. This photo of Josh was taken last year. Study it careful and keep looking for this invisible designer. I think everyone who knows Josh will agree when I say look for this man at the ASLA Bar Crawl November 17.

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