Mike Lin Graphic Workshop
October 3-4, 1997

Mike Lin Graphic Workshop is organized by Professor Paul Hsu and is sponsored by American Society of Landscape Architects, OSU Student Chapter. The workshop motivates participants to quickly improve graphic skills and confidence in drawing, sketching, perspective, and rendering. There were total of more than 40 participants ages ranging from 10 to 50. ASLA, OSU would like to thank all participants, Mike Lin, and all other helps to make this workshop a success. Jeff Stoven, President of ASLA, Carl Szafranski, Secretary, Paul Strickland, Treasurer, Richard Coleman, Glen Druzba, and many other unnamed helpers, thanks a bunch, you make this a joyful events.

Brook Hsu (10 years old) Color Pencil Before and after (6 minutes)

Brook Hsu (10 years old) Color Marker Before and after (10 minutes)