LA 2223 Projects
Project #3 From Concept to Form in Landscape Design
© 1998 by All Students listed below

In this project, students are hired to design a living space including a hard surface area, a deck area, a garden area, a water feature, a privacy area with screening, a grassy area, several planting areas for texture and form, and seating areas incorporated into several of the above areas. The client would like to see the design in three stages and two types of theme. Students need to graphically present their idea through three stages of conceptual bubble diagrams, quick concept, to schematic design. They also need to present two kinds of design themes: 45/90 angular and arcs/tangents themes.

Ann O. Brian B.

Mark M.

ChienYi Y.

Bubble Diagrams by ChienYi Y.
Quick Concept by ChienYi Y.
Schematic Design by ChienYi Y.

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