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This years T-shirt design went to Bryan Hanes, the third-year design student. Let's give him a big applause.

Shirt pocket logo:


Shirt front design:

ASLA Point System

To give you a little incentive to participate in extra-curricular activities with ASLA, we have developed a point system. When it comes time to divide ASLA funds among members for trips and what-not, the point totals will be used to determine your percentage share. Once you have received compensation, your point total will go back to zero. Here is the list:

1 pt. - attendance at ASLA meeting

2 pts. - attendance at other organizational meetings (Ag-Council, Inter-design Committee, etc.)

2 pts. - published newsletter article

5 pts. - for volunteering to a committee or leading a project (like the newsletter)

All other points will be announced as they come up.

Those of you who entered a design in the T-shirt design competition will get 3 pts. for each entry.

Tabulation starts now so get moving because LABASH is not far away.

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