A Future Home for Landscape Architecture and Contracting Programs

at Oklahoma State University

Dairy Science Building Rehabilitation Concepts

Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Division of Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources
Oklahoma State University


The Dairy Science Building upon rehabilitation will be the new home of the Landscape Architecture and Contracting Program on the Stillwater Campus of Oklahoma State University (OSU). It will provide state-of-the art facilities and accommodate the undergraduate teaching functions of both programs.

Program Background

Landscape Architecture and Contracting has deep roots at OSU. The subject was first taught as a topic within several horticultural courses over fifty years ago. With the presence of one full-time instructor in the 1950s, several courses in landscape design became an option within the horticulture curriculum. By the 1970s, with two faculty members, landscape design and contracting emerged as a curricula within the Department.

In the early 1980s a decision was made to upgrade the landscape design curriculum to a professional bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture (BLA). Few years later a separate landscape contracting curriculum was developed based on the guidelines of the Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA). Today, the Landscape Architecture program is fully accredited by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board (LAAB) and the Landscape Contracting program is certified by ALCA. The programs have four full-time and several part-time faculty.


To enhance the Program the faculty has established the following objectives:

1. Strengthen the Landscape Architecture and Contracting Program by centralizing the teaching functions.

2. Acquire a more suitable space for studio design instruction that creates a high quality physical environment for design education.

3. Acquire adequate space for supporting facilities: a gallery to display student work, a jury space to judge student work, a reproduction room, a reference room, a model building room, and a spray paint room, etc.

4. Maintain accreditation for the Landscape Architecture Program and certification of the Landscape Contracting Program.

5. Create future opportunities for graduate programs in Landscape Architecture and Landscape Contracting.

Program Enhancement

In an effort to maintain full five-year period of accreditation in 1998, space more conducive to the growth and development of Landscape Architecture (LA) and its associated field of Landscape Contracting (LC) must be established. With this goal in mind, it was proposed that the old, under-utilized Dairy Science Building across the street from Agricultural Hall on Monroe Street be rehabilitated to accommodate the LA & LC program.


The Landscape Architecture (LA) and Landscape Contracting (LC) programs at Oklahoma State University are in need of improved facilities to support their teaching programs. The LA and LC programs are inconveniently located in four different locations (several different floors and in two different buildings) making classroom instruction difficult. In addition, the current facilities were not originally configured for design and graphics instruction. The computer laboratory that supports the program is also not centrally located to the dispersed studios. Supporting facilities such as a jury room, spray paint room, drawing and model storage, gallery display space, and graphics studio are currently not available.

Existing support facilities such as lecture/seminar rooms, circulation/corridor space and faculty offices do not lend themselves to interaction between students, faculty, visitors and the public in an effective way. The rehabilitation of the Dairy Science building would permit centralization of design, construction, and graphic instructional functions and support the recommendations of the national LAAB accreditation program. Rehabilitation of the building would strengthen program identity and student recruitment through the establishment of quality facilities for effective teaching, foster better design interaction, provide adequate space for future program needs, and enhance interdisciplinary activities.


In summary, the Dairy Science Building should be rehabilitated to house the Landscape Architecture and Landscape Contracting Program on the Stillwater campus. The "spark that ignites the flame" will:

1. Increase program identity and recognition

2. Provide a positive design environment.

3. Expose people on and off-campus to Landscape Architecture and Contracting.

4. Enhance the quality of student work.

5. Improve faculty and student recruitment, retention, and interaction.

6. Foster inter-design collaboration.

Contribution Information

Support has been secured from the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, and the University administration to move forward with the task of rehabilitating the Dairy Science Building to house the LA and LC program. Additional support is now needed from friends and alumni of the department. Your investment will help create a new home for LA & LC programs. The building could be named for a major benefactor pending approval by the OSU Board of Regents. Individual rooms in the building for fixed amounts can be named for donors. All donors will be recognized with their names listed on a recognition plaque. For further information contact: Milford Jenkins, OSU Foundation Representative, H100 Student Union, Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078 or call ( 405) 744-7964.

Prepared by Charles Leider and Paul Hsu with review assistance from Dale Maronek and Milford Jenkins.

Revised: 10/12/95

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