Asian American Student Association Constitution
Oklahoma State University


Article I
The Name

The name of the organization shall be the Asian American Student Association and shall be referred to as "AASA."


Article II

The purpose of the organization shall be to foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among the Asian Americans and other organizations at Oklahoma State University, and promote goodwill through community service.


Article III

  1. Active members are students of the university that have paid their membership dues. Active members are full members with full voting rights.

  2. Associate membership is open to other Asian American members of the University community (faculty and staff).

  3. Dues shall be effected by the Board of Directors. The deadline for payment is after the second month of the current semester. Any dues paid after the said date will only qualify as payment for the semester at hand.


Article IV

  1. The Board of Directors: Administration of AASA activities shall be performed by the AASA Board of Directors which shall consist of;

    1. The President

    2. Vice President

    3. Treasurer

    4. Secretary

    5. Honor Society Chairman

    Each board of director is responsible for:

    1. His/Her committee's attendance, participation and actions as they may relate to any of the organization's activities.

    2. Presenting an outline of his/her committee's projects and it's development at each meeting.

    3. Putting together a semi-annual report on his/her committee's projects and their results (due at the end of each semester's Dead Week).


      1. President: Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors Head

        1. Serve as the chief executive of AASA and be responsible for all its activities and actions.

        2. Preside over AASA general and Board of Director meetings.

        3. Represent, or designate a representative for, AASA at functions and in communication with other entities.


      2. Vice President: Executive Office Chairman and Board of Directors Head

        1. Serve as the Head of the Board of Directors and Executive officers.

        2. Assist the president in any manner the president deems necessary.

        3. Preside as the President in his/her absence.


      3. Treasurer: Organizational Finance Manager and Head of Finance Executive Committee

        1. Maintain all of AASA's financial accounts and disburse funds only at the direction of the Advisor, President, Vice President, or account sponsor.

        2. Keep records/receipts of AASA's expenses and assets.

        3. Draw-up and represent AASA at all meetings/hearings pertaining to the annual SGA budget.

        4. Keep current records of membership.

        5. In charge of updating the Board of Directors with all of the Finance Executive Committee's activities.


      4. Secretary: On-campus Activity Chair and Head of Internal Affairs Committee

        1. Responsible for AASA's activities on-campus and all related matters.

        2. In charge of recording and distributing the minutes of AASA's general meetings.

        3. Check with all members of the Board for scheduling meeting venues and make sure that all officers in each committee will be present for each meeting.

        4. In charge of updating the Board of Directors with all of the Internal Affairs Executive Committee's activities.


      5. Honor Society Chair: Assistant to the Advisor in the Honor Society's affairs and General Council Head

        1. Responsible for AASA's Honor Society point system.

        2. In charge of updating the Board of Directors with all of the Honor Society's activities.


    4. Other Officers: Each executive officer is accountable for:

      1. His/Her assigned projects and responsibilities.

      2. Assisting his/her committee's Director in presenting an outline of his/her committee's projects for the up-coming school year.

      3. Helping his/her committee's Director in putting together a semi-annual report on his/her committee's projects and their results (due at the end of each semester's Dead Week).


      1. Fund Raising Executive: Fund-raising Activities Manager

        1. Shall coordinate all of AASA's fund raising events.

        2. Work in close contact with the Treasurer in executing all activities.


      2. Community Service Executive: Community Service Activities Manager

        1. In charge of booking, scheduling, and preparing for all community service activities.

        2. Shall work in close contact with the Honor Society Chairperson in making sure that all of AASA's community service activities are well attended.


      3. General Council Executive : Inter-Organizational Communications, Support and Planning

        1. Assist the Advisor and Honor Society Chairperson in executing projects.

        2. Provide back-up to publicity and recruiting efforts on and off-campus.


      4. I.S.O. Executive: A.A.S.A.'s Representative to the International Student Organization

        1. Represent AASA in the International Student Council meetings.

        2. In charge of relaying all of the organization's interests, concerns and announcements to the International student board.

        3. Responsible for putting together programs that involve International Student Organizations.


      5. Publicity Executive: Advertising Manager

        1. Responsible for advertising AASA's activities on and off-campus.

        2. In charge of designing flyers, posters and other necessary material related to the organization's advertising effort.


      6. Communications Executive: Newsletter Editor

        1. Responsible for the organization's monthly newsletter.

        2. Collaborate with all the officers in regards to the material to be put on the monthly newsletter.


      7. Social Chair: Social Events Director

        1. Responsible for coordinating all of AASA's social activities.

        2. In charge of meeting with each Executive Committee to discuss planned events.

        3. Work in close contact with the Vice President, Special Events Exec, Publicity and Communications Executives.


      8. Special Events Executive: Designated Project Coordinator

        1. Responsible for coordinating all of AASA's special activities.

        2. In charge of meeting with each Executive Committee to discuss planned events.

        3. Work in close contact with the Vice President, Social Chair, Publicity and Communications Executives.


      9. SGA Executive: A.A.S.A.'s Representative to the Student Government

        1. Represent AASA in all Student Government meetings.

        2. Report to the President all issues that may pertain to the organization.

        3. Announce all of AASA's events and special projects to the Student Government Association.

        4. Collaborate with the President, Treasurer and concerned officers in preparation of the annual budget to be proposed to the SGA.


      10. Web Master: Web Page Manager

        1. Manage and up-date AASA's web page.

        2. Create the necessary links to other organizations as AASA's business and activities develop.

        3. Post all pertinent information concerning the organization's events and activities.


      11. Historian: Official AASA Chronicle Manager

        1. Responsible for organizing AASA's chronicle through reports and presentations.

        2. Work in close contact with the Secretary in documenting all of AASA's minutes, events and activities.


      12. Qualification for Office. To qualify for AASA officer position, one must be a full member of the organization and carry a cumulative grade point average of at least a 2.50 on the University's 4.00 scale.


      13. Removal from Office. Any officer is subject to removal. Three petitions for recall must be signed by majority (two-thirds) of the Board of Directors, Executive Officers, and AASA members present in the meeting. It must then be submitted to the Advisor who shall verify the signatures. Upon verification, the Advisor must order the officer to step down. Such a petition shall include the name and position of the officer in question and a statement of why the officer's actions are deemed unconstitutional.


      14. Resignation from Office. Resignation of an officer must be submitted through a letter of withdrawal to the resident explaining such action. The letter will then be passed on to the Board of Directors for further decision on announcement to the rest of the officers and members (if not indicated in the letter).


      15. Absence of the President. Should the President relinquish his/her office due to removal, resignation, or incapacitation, the Senior Vice President shall then assume the duties of the President. The position of Vice President shall then be filled through nomination of the President and approval of the Board of Directors' majority. All other vacancies shall be filled through a majority vote of the Board of Directors at a special election.


      16. Office terms. Officers shall be elected to a one year term. Occupation of offices shall last from the end of the election at the Spring semester to the election at the end of the next Spring semester.


Article V
The Advisor

  1. In accordance to the student code, AASA shall designate an Advisor for the Organization who must be a full-time faculty/Staff member at the University.


  2. The Advisor shall be responsible for overseeing the activities of AASA, making sure that the standards of this constitution and the OSU student code are upheld by its members. He/She may also serve as a liaison of the Organization to the University or any other entities requiring such representation.


  3. The Advisor shall remain in the position until registration or by removal through a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors. Upon removal, the Board of Directors shall then choose a successor.



Article VI

  1. There shall be an annual election of officers to take place on the first week of April at a designated time and place.


  2. Only those qualified to be an officer shall be eligible to run for office. Candidates for President and Vice President must have a full membership with AASA for at least one full academic school year by the time he/she assumes office.


  3. Absentee balloting shall take place on the election day (during the morning and afternoon) and on the day before.


  4. The President and Vice President shall nominate, at the approval of the Board of Directors, three full members to serve as the Election Committee. Members of this committee can not run for office in an election that committee is administering. The committee shall be responsible for:

    1. Enforcing the election procedures.

    2. Notifying members of the election date and final day for filing candidacy.

    3. Counting ballots.

    4. Certifying final election results.

    The committee is to be neutral and shall not endorse any candidates.


  5. Candidates must file for candidacy by notifying the Election Committee by the Friday before the election. Nominations from the floor at the election will not be recognized.


  6. Only full members shall be eligible to vote in an election.


  7. Candidates for President and Vice President shall run on one ticket.


  8. Officers must be elected by secret ballot and have attained the highest number of votes for that position. In the event of a tie, there shall be a runoff immediately between the tied candidates.


  9. During elections only active members can vote.


Article VII

  1. General meetings shall take place on a monthly basis, but at the discretion of the Board of Directors for the months of August, December, January and May.


  2. General meeting times shall be established at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


  3. Discussion at officer and general meetings shall be in the following order:

    1. Call To Order.............................................................President

    2. President's Report......................................................President

    3. Special Orders............................................................Vice President

    4. Minutes Review..........................................................Secretary

    5. Finance Report...........................................................Treasurer

    6. Business....................................................................Secretary

    7. Honor Society Update………. ....................…………Honor Society Chair

    8. Announcements...........................................................President/Concerned Parties

    9. Adjourn....................................................................President


  4. All meetings will follow the newest edition of Robert's Rules of Order.


  5. Quorum for meetings shall be 40% of all full (active) members.


Article VIII

Amendments to this Constitution may be made through a vote of three-fourths of the body present at a general meeting. Prior to said meeting, a motion concerning the proposed amendment must be made by a full member to a committee comprised of the Board of Directors.


Article IX
Relations to the Student Activities Center

At the beginning of the fall semester, Asian American Student Association shall report the name of its officers and advisors to the Department of Student Activities, Room 060 Student Union, and shall promptly report any changes that occur during the year. Changes in officers and/or faculty advisor which occur during the year must be reported to the Department of Student Activities promptly in order that the organizational records are kept current. Failure to submit such materials, either through continued negligence or willful omission, may result in the suspension of the charter of the organization by the Committee on Student Organizations.


Article X

The funds of AASA will be deposited with the University banking services and these will be audited yearly, preferably at the time a new treasurer is installed. The Student Activity Regulations (See OSU Student Handbook, Student Rights and Responsibilities, Section 15) requires that all recognized student organizations keep all its funds with the University banking service.

Article XI
Honor Society

All action of the Honor Society shall not conflict with any provision set forth in this constitution, or the organizations's by laws.