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German by Satellite I Syllabus

Sabine Lewis and Robert Kisling
Students will work toward a basic proficiency level in the five aspects of spoken German!
  1. Listening: Students will be able understand routine questions, statements and commands of everyday conversations;
  2. Speaking: Students will be able to reply, in simple terms, to routine questions, statements and commands of everyday conversations;
  3. Reading: Students will be able to understand texts using familiar vocabulary and structures;
  4. Writing: Students will be able to produce simple messages using basic structures and familiar vocabulary
  5. Culture and Language: Students will become aware of the differences and similarities of the selected cultural and linguistic aspects.
  • In accordance with the Priority Academic Student Skills of the Oklahoma State Department of Education, we will discuss the structure and vocabulary of the German language, as well as various cultural themes concerning Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
  • During the first year German course, we will cover the first six chapters in the textbook and workbook.
  • Specifically, we will cover the following aspects of German language and culture, important in spoken and written communication.
Special Topics for Priority Academic Student Skills
  1. Dialogues
  2. Vocabulary words (600)
  3. German alphabet
  4. Numbers (1 to 10,000)
  5. Days of the week
  6. Months and seasons
  7. Gender of nouns
  8. Colors
  9. Foods
  10. Noun compounds
  11. The family
  12. Telling time
  1. Present tense of regular verbs, selected irregular verbs, stem-changing verbs, modal auxiliaries & separable-prefix verbs
  2. Forms & basic use of the Nominative (subjects), Accusative (direct objects) & Dative (indirect objects) cases of nouns and pronouns.
  3. Basic word order rules for the position of adverbs and verbs in statements and questions
  4. Imperatives
  5. Possessive adjectives
  6. Coordinating and subordinating conjunctions
Cultural Themes
  1. Postal system & telephoning
  2. High schools and universities
  3. Regional greetings and farewells
  4. Courtesy titles (Frau, Herr, etc.)
  5. Sports and outdoor activities
  6. Birthday customs and greetings
  7. German and European geography
  8. Currencies in German-speaking countries
  9. Shopping
  10. Public transportation
  11. Vacations and youth hostels
  12. Austria: history and culture
  13. Eating customs
  14. Subjects of timely interest and importance
  • Discussion, lectures, and reading about these subjects will be supplemented with numerous video segments and authentic audio-visual material.
  1. Deutsch heute Textbook (6th edition)
  2. Deutsch heute Lab/Workbook
  3. Deutsch heute Language Cassettes
  4. English Grammar for Students of German (recommended)
  1. Wortschatz (German vocabulary practice provided by German by Satellite)
  2. Computer Study Modules (selected textbook exercises)
  • Grades based on German by Satellite's evaluations should be adjusted (if appropriate) and then assigned to the students by the teaching partner.
  • Quizzes and tests with test cassettes will be provided.
  • The teaching partner should grade the quizzes and objective parts of the tests according to answer keys.
  • Students' written evaluations are generally confined to two pages per test. Those pages should be sent in for grading.
  • Some workbook exercises must be sent in for correction. Specific assignments will be given in the chapter outlines.



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