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Created in 1985, this innovative distance learning program offers a complete foreign language curriculum for elementary school through high school!  house2.jpg (7376 bytes)
Join us in our 14th year!

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German by Satellite offers high achievement!

  • This technology-enhanced program, which the L.A. Times called the "grandfather" of distance learning, is currently offering nearly 300 classes in 20 states!
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  • Over 273 students have taken top places in academic German competitions at colleges and universities across the country!
  • The program has given over 20,000 students the opportunity to learn German!
  • Many of them received competitive scholarships and frequently obtained advanced placement credit at institutions of higher learning!
  • German by Satellite students have performed as well as or superior to German students from conventional programs!

Proven Quality of Instruction!

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  • When developed the German by Satellite program in 1985 the Oklahoma State Department of Education evaluated the courses through interviews with students, coordinating teachers and administrators and through class observation!
  • The program was approved not only by the Oklahoma State Department, but also by the American Federation of Teachers, the Oklahoma Education Association, the State Departments of Education in 20 states, IMPAC Learning Systems in Arkansas and the Missouri School Board Association!

Qualified Native Instructors!

  • Through German by Satellite, students in grades 3 through high school have a chance to learn German by native speakers!
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