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Video Tape Packages for Grades 3 to 8

There are no prerequisites for these courses.

  • Basic language structures and vocabulary appropriate for the respective grade levels are introduced in each course.
  • These video packages were developed with the help of a Department of Education Star Schools grant.
  • Originally broadcast live, each course was independently evaluated and found to be well-designed courses which offer high quality instruction in the German language and culture.
  • The programs were well received and produced demonstrable results in student learning.
  • The German by Satellite video packages are an affordable and easy way to include German language and culture into grades 3-8.
  • The video tape format allows the classroom teacher to pace the lessons to fit the students' needs.
  • Additionally, the courses can be tailored to fit your school's schedule: each one can be used as a semester elective or full-year language course.
Course Structure
  • Each video package consists of 58 lessons.
  • The length of each lesson varies from 20 to 25 minutes.
  • The lessons focus on culture of the German-speaking countries and the German language.
  • Learning about the culture of the German-speaking countries is an integral part of learning German.
  • Cultural information will be presented through the use of authentic materials, video segments, songs, stories and fairy tales, games, maps and pictures.
  • The video segments were filmed in Germany and edited specifically for these classes.
  • The German language will be modeled and presented by native speakers.
The Role of the Classroom Teacher
  • During the lessons, the classroom teacher's primary role will be to monitor and to encourage student participation when requested.
  • During the broadcast every attempt will be made to involve the students actively.
  • Students will be asked either to repeat words, ask their partner a question and receive an answer, or perform an action.
  • The amount of German language practice outside of the lessons is up to the discretion of the classroom teacher.
  • Supplemental German language practice is recommended.
  • The courses and supplemental materials have been designed to be used by classroom teachers who do not speak German.
  • These materials include activity sheets for writing practice, songs, activity suggestions for language practice and culture, as well as audio and video cassettes for pronunciation and activities.
  • Teachers also have a toll-free number available to them for continuous support throughout the school year.
  • Printed support materials is available for each package.
  • There are separate materials for the three courses with age-appropriate activities and worksheets.



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