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German by Satellite Course Materials

Textbook Materials
  • German I & II use the 6th edition of the textbook, Deutsch heute.
  • The textbook, workbook and computer study modules are used in German I & II.
  • The text materials are available from the School Division of the publisher, Houghton Mifflin. Their nationwide number is 1-800-733-2828.
  • The text materials for German I are: Textbook: Deutsch heute, Sixth Edition - one book per student ISBN: 0-395-74418-0 (6th edition)
  • Workbook/Lab Manual: Deutsch heute: Workbook, one per student ISBN: 0-395-76687-7 (6th edition)
  • Computer Study Modules ISBN: Mac 0-395-76696-6 IBM 0-395-76695-8
  • Language Cassettes Part 1: Chapters 1-7, one set for the classroom ISBN: 0-395-76690-7 (6th edition)
  • German II continues to use the same materials as listed above with the exception of the Language Cassettes.
  • Language Cassettes Part 2: Chapters 8-14, one set for the classroom. IBSN: 0-395-76691-5 (6th edition)
Other Material for German by Satellite I & II
  • Additional software for vocabulary practice practice is provided by German by Satellite.
  • Recommended: one copy for the classroom: English Grammar for Students of German, Published by: Olivia and Hill Press, Inc. PO Box 7396 Ann Arbor MI 48107 313-663-0235
  • Ten-minute audio cassettes to duplicate master cassettes. The number needed will vary according to enrollment. Order at local school audio supply store or: National Audio PO Box 3657 Springfield MO 65802 417-863-1925
Equipment needed for the classroom
The following is a general guide to the equipment needed for the German by Satellite courses.
  • A computer for at least every two students is absolutely essential. The courses cannot succeed without the required computer hardware and software.
  • German by Satellite supports PC and Macintosh computers.
  • A 25" or larger television monitor. The larger the screen the better.
  • A high-quality speaker phone is required in the classroom for interaction during the broadcasts, and for students to use on non-broadcast days to call the German by Satellite homework hotline. The phone should be installed on a dedicated line.
  • Large portable cassette player/recorder with high-quality sound. You will need this to administer the listening comprehension portion of the tests to the entire class and to record individual speaking portions of the tests.



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