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The General Honors Award

This award is earned while completing the general education requirements. The General Honors Award requires 21 honors credit hours with grades of "A" or "B" with cumulative GPA and OSU GPA of at least 3.50, as specified below:

  • Twelve Honors Hours Breadth Requirement (minimum of three honors hours per area from four of the following areas):
    1. Courses required of all OSU students (English composition or technical writing courses, HIST 1103 or 1483 or 1493, and POLS 1113)
    2. Humanities (courses designated "H")
    3. Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Management Sciences and Information Systems, and courses designated "A"
    4. Natural Sciences (courses designated "N")
    5. Social Sciences (courses designated "S")
    6. Other courses with honors credit (which are not included in areas 1 through 5, above)
    7. Approved Special Experience Option (study abroad, off-campus internship, cooperative education semester, research or other creative activity, or leadership or service)
  • Two Honors Seminars or Interdisciplinary Honors Courses with a minimum total of four hours (which also may be used to satisfy a portion of the breadth requirement)--courses with HONOR prefix and other courses designated as honors seminars
  • Special Experience Option: If academic credit is granted for the experience, 3 academic credit hours for experience in study abroad, off-campus internships, or cooperative education programs may be counted toward the General Honors Award (with prior approval). If academic credit is not granted for the experience, the student shall petition for Honors College approval in advance of the experience and then provide documentation of successful completion of the experience as well as a reflective paper about what he or she has learned as a result of the experience and how this knowledge may be used in his or her future as well as for the benefit of others. The Director of The Honors College may exempt the student from up to three credit hours of the requirements for the General Honors Award on the basis of the documentation and reflective paper.
  • Additional Honors Hours to Reach a Total of 21 Honors Hours (with grades of "A" or "B" in all 21 honors hours plus a cumulative GPA and an OSU GPA of 3.50 or higher), with no more than 9 of the 21 honors hours by honors contract without special permission of the Director of the Honors College.
  • Upper-Division Requirement: At least three of the 21 hours required for the General Honors Award must be upper-division (3000- or 4000-level).
  • Transfer Honors Credit: Students may use up to 15 honors credit hours from other colleges and universities toward the requirements for the General Honors Award.

The College or Departmental Honors Award

This award is earned in your major field of study. The College or Departmental Honors Award requires a minimum of 12 upper-division honors credit hours with grade of "A" or "B," including a thesis or creative component, plus any additional departmental or college requirements*, with cumulative and OSU grade point averages of at least 3.50. Except in the Spears School of Business there is no limitation on the number of hours completed by honors contract. [For honors awards in two majors, honors requirements for both majors--including a creative component in each--must be completed, with at least 6 upper-division honors hours beyond the first major.]

*Some colleges and majors have more specific requirements for the College or Departmental Award. Click here for more information.

The Honors College Degree

This award is earned by completion of both the General Honors Award and the College or Departmental Honors Award with a minimum of 39 honors credit hours with grades of "A" or "B" and both an OSU and a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or higher at the time of graduation. The honors degree is reflected on your transcript, and a special honors diploma is awarded.

Honors College Degree with International Study Emphasis

Students may earn the Honors College Degree with International Study Emphasis by completing one of several specified academic minors and an approved study-abroad experience.

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