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Advantages of the Honors College

Why Participate in The Honors College?

Fringe Benefits

Honors Housing

Why Participate in The Honors College?

According to successful honors students, there are several reasons to participate in the Honors College:

  • Small Class Size

Classes are typically 20-22 students (often fewer than 15 students), and individually-tailored honors tutorial courses are often available.

  • Wide Range of Honors Courses

A variety of honors courses are offered–usually more than 60 courses each fall and spring semester.

  • Top Teaching Faculty

The faculty who teach honors courses are experienced members of the OSU teaching faculty known for excellence in the classroom as well as in their academic fields. These professors especially enjoy working with the top undergraduate students here at OSU.

  • A Sense of Community

Frequent interaction with other honors students and faculty helps build a "feeling of belonging" to the OSU academic community.

  • Transcript and Diploma Distinction

Honors course credit is denoted on OSU transcripts. OSU also places special entries on the transcripts of students who complete the requirements for the General Honors Award, the Departmental or College Honors Award, and The Honors College Degree. Students earning the The Honors College Degree receive a special honors diploma. Students from all six undergraduate colleges have earned The Honors College Degree. An Honors College Degree with International Study Emphasis is also an option.

  • Special Honors Advising

Honors advisors in the Honors College Office provide personalized attention to student needs and interests. All of the advisors have earned honors program degrees, so they have personal experience not only as honors advisors, but as honors students as well.

  • Special Honors Events

Enjoy picnics, lectures, special presentations, field trips, etc. (Special events are also scheduled for those living in honors housing.)

Fringe Benefits

Freshmen and sophomores undertaking at least six hours of honors work each semester and twelve honors hours any two consecutive semesters are considered "active" participants in The Honors College. Juniors and seniors are considered active if they undertake at least three hours of honors work each semester. Active participants earn the following privileges:

  • use of The Honors College study lounge and computer lab located in the basement of historic Old Central
  • priority enrollment beginning with enrollment for the second semester
  • extended library check-out privileges equivalent to the privileges given to graduate students

Honors Housing

Honors housing is located in recently renovated Stout Hall. Students who are active participants in The Honors College are eligible to live in Stout Hall, subject to available space. This coed residence hall is centrally located on the OSU campus. Men and women are housed in separate wings of the first three floors of Stout.

The entire environment of honors housing is designed to be conducive to the study needs of honors students.In addition to the academic benefits of living in honors housing, students have the opportunity to participate in all of the other activities available to students living in the OSU residence halls, including intramural sports and social activities. The honors residence hall also holds special events for its residents.

"A great benefit of participating in The honors College was the opportunity to live in Stout Hall. The residents provided a unique atmosphere that enhanced my experience at OSU both educationally and socially." - Trey Chastain, class of 2011.

To apply for honors housing, students complete a Residential Life Housing Contract and indicate Stout Hall as their preference (Residential Life, Iba Hall, phone 744-5592).

Click here for more detailed information about Stout Hall from OSU Residential Life.


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