You have a course online; though you may feel alone, you are not. There are other pioneers walking with you. The following faculty are enhancing their courses with WebCT this fall (2003):

  1. Ms. Sabine Lewis, German Online, A&S
  2. Dr. Alan Cheville, CEAT
  3. Dr. Douglas Needham, DASNR
  4. Dr. Zane Quible, CBA
  5. Dr. James Choike, A&S
  6. Dr. J. D. Brown, CEAT
  7. Dr. Dale Alspach, A&S
  8. Dr. Janet Kimbrell, CBA
  9. Dr. Stu Preston, CBA
  10. Dr. Donald French, A&S
  11. Dr. Marcin Paprzycki, CEAT
  12. Dr. Glenn Muske, HES
  13. Dr. Heidi Hoart, HES
  14. Dr. Maryanne Mowen, CBA
  15. Dr. Mike Woods, DASNR
  16. Dr. Christina DeWitt, DASNR
  17. Dr. Margaret White, CBA
  18. Dr. Michael Massiah, A&S
  19. Dr. Adam Ryburn, A&S
  20. Dr. Doug Heisterkamp, A&S
  21. Dr. Charl Adair, HES
  22. Dr. John Acken, CEAT
  23. Dr. Keith Teague, CEAT
  24. Dr. Carl Latino, CEAT
  25. Dr. Charles Bunting, CEAT
  26. Dr. Ravi Sheorey, A&S
  27. Dr. Denise Tillery, A&S
  28. Dr. Eduardo Misawa, CEAT
  29. Dr. David Balk, HES
  30. Dr. Melody Phillips, CoE
  31. Dr. Frank Kulling, CoE
  32. Dr. Trish Hughes, CoE
  33. Dr. Bo Hu, HES
  34. Dr. Sheree Martin, A&S
  35. Dr. Charles Leider, DASNR
  36. Dr. Eric Falk, CEAT
  37. Dr. Steve Miller, CBA
  38. Dr. Nik Dalal, CBA
  39. Dr. Rathindra Sarathy, CBA
  40. Dr. Meg Kletke, CBA
  41. Dr. Dursun Delen, CBA
  42. Dr. Tom Walker, A&S
  43. Dr. Andrea Arquitt, HES
  44. Dr. Brenda Smith, HES
  45. Dr. Kathy Keim, HES
  46. Dr. Richie Spicer, HES
  47. Dr. Tay Kennedy, HES
  48. Dr. James Davis, A&S
  49. Dr. Elaine Fernandez, A&S
  50. Dr. Allisou Aosved, A&S
  51. Dr. Chris Neumann, A&S
  52. Dr. Angela Belden, A&S
  53. Dr. Brenda McDaniel, A&S
  54. Dr. Patricia Bell, A&S
  55. Dr. Martin Crossland, A&S
  56. Dr. Brad Bays, A&S
  57. Mr. Guohuan Wang, A&S
  58. Ms. Cherdena Daniel, HES

   Being ever the pioneer, Dr. Alspach completed the first WebCT-enhanced course at OSU in the summer of 2001.

   This Fall (2003), we have almost 6,000 students in WebCT-enhanced courses. Well over 300 of them are not on campus and live as far from Stillwater as Mississippi and Oregon!

See the Fall 2003 report.

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