Associate Professor
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Oklahoma State University

Piled higher Deeper, Electrical Engineering,
Kansas State University , Manhattan, Kansas, 1987.
More of the Same, Electrical Engineering, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, 1984.
B.S., General Engineering,
United States Military Academy , West Point, New York, 1975.


Telecommunications Network Analysis & Design
Communications Systems and Theory
Computer Simulations
Signal Processing

            June 1992- present Associate Professor; Aug 1987- May 1992 Assistant Professor; Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma. Courses taught include
Modern Communications Theory , Telecommunications Systems , Data Communications , Telecommunications Laboratory, Introduction to Stochastic Processes , Network Analysis , Signal Analysis , Random Signals, Radar Theory, and Intro to Electrical Science. Key player in the inter-disciplinary Telecommunications Management program. Research areas include telecommunications network analysis and design (with an emphasis on the carrying capacities of different multiplexing and switching combinations, and secure Instant Messaging), and teaching in a virtual environment.
            Sept 1984- Aug 1987; Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas. Taught Electronics I and EE Laboratory I. Research areas included modeling the behavior of a phase-frequency detector in a phase-locked loop, and bit time estimation via adaptive filtering techniques.

            Principle Investigator, "RF Physical Layer Authentication via Watermarking", NRL via Exelis, 2012-2015.

            Principle Investigator, "Physical Layer Authentication for Cognitive Radio Systems", OSU CTANS, 2009-2010.

            Co-Principle Investigator, "Reliable and Efficient Video Transmission over Cognitive Radio Networks", OSU CTANS, 2009-2010.

            Principle Investigator, "Multimedia Wireless Communication Research", Smartronix, 2007-2009
            Co-Principle Investigator, "Next Generation Secure Multimedia Wireless Communications Research", ITT Industries, 2007.
            Co-Principle Investigator, "Next Generation Wireless Secure Application Performance Analysis", ITT Industries, 2006.
            Co-Principle Investigator, "Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol over IP", Maryland Procurement Office, 2005-2006.
            Co-Principle Investigator, "Investigation of Enabling Technologies for Secure Multimedia on Your Desktop", Phoenix Systems, 2005.
            Co-Principle Investigator, "Telecommunications Virtual Laboratory Development", Department of Education, 2002-2003.
            Co-Principle Investigator, "Spatial/Temporal DSP Research II", Raytheon Systems, 2001-2002.
            Co-Principle Investigator, "Virtual Lab", SBC, 2000-2003.
            Co-Principle Investigator, "Investigation of MPLS Network Architecture: Modeling and Performance Enhancement", Williams Network, 2000-2001.

            Co-Principle Investigator, "Backbone Cost/Survivability Analysis", Williams Network, 2000-2001.
            Principle Investigator, "Statistical Multiplexing Gains of Variable Rate Voice Coders", Williams Network, 2000-2001.
            Co-Principle Investigator, "Spatial/Temporal DSP Research", Raytheon Systems, 2000-2001.
            Co-Principle Investigator, Advanced DSP ResearchП, Raytheon Systems, 1999-2000.
            Principle Investigator, Backbone Cost AnalysisП, Williams Network, 1999.
            Co-Principle Investigator, Improved Performance Tests for Optical Communications, OCAST,1999-2000.
            Co-Principle Investigator, Internet QoS, Williams Network, 1999.
            Principle Investigator, Backbone Effectiveness Survey - П, Williams Network, 1999.
            Principle Investigator, "Backbone Effectiveness Survey", Williams Network, 1998.
            Co-Principle Investigator, "Backbone Carrying Capacity Analysis", Williams Communications Group, 1998.
            Principle Investigator, "Frame Relay Trunk Design", LDDS Worldcom, 1995-1996.
            Co-Principle Investigator, "Frame Relay Access Design Tool", WilTel, 1994-1995.
            Principle Investigator, "JSEM: Inclusion of Gun Methodology", Air Force Aeronautical Systems Center, 1992-1993.
            Principle Investigator, "JSEM: Integrate and Verify Penetration Equations and Structural Damage Methodology", Air Force Systems Command, 1991.
            Principle Investigator, "JSEM Penetration Equation Modifications.2", Air Force Systems Command, 1990.
            Principle Investigator, "JSEM Penetration Equation Modifications", Air Force Systems Command,
            Principle Investigator, "JSEM: Inclusion of Penetration Equations Methodology and Support of Maneuvering Target Program", Air Force Systems Command, 1989.
            Principle Investigator, "JSEM Polygon Target/Fragment Zone Interaction Modifications", Air Force Systems Command, 1988-1989.

            March 2007- March 2008; Consultant, Sidney Austin LLP, Chicago, Illinois. Provided technical guidance for a Voice over IP patent infringement lawsuit.
            June 1999-July 1999; Consultant, Williams Network, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Analyzed protection & restoration schemes for WilliamsМ backbone fiber network & assisted with design tool development.
            June 1992- July 1992; Consultant, Williams Telecommunications, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Devised a Frame Relay Design tool for use by WilTel applications engineers.
            June 1991- July 1991; Consultant, Williams Telecommunications, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Analyzed suitability of various LAN's for multimedia applications.
            June 1988- July 1988; Consultant, Oklahoma State University Field Office, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. Restructured, evaluated, and documented a portion of the Joint Services Endgame Model (JSEM), a computer program used to evaluate air-to-air and surface-to-air missile and gun effectiveness.
            Aug 1980- Aug 1984; Electronics Technician II, Department of Journalism and Mass Communications, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas. Responsible for repair and maintenance of audio, television, and video tape equipment of the radio-television branch of this department. Regularly assisted the university radio station engineer of KSDB FM in his duties.
            June 1979- May 1980; Platoon Leader and Executive Officer, A Company, 122nd Signal Battalion, Camp Casey, Korea. Responsible for 70 man communications platoon at 2nd Infantry Division Headquarters, and the maintenance of company motor and electronic assets.
            Apr 1977- Apr 1979; Battalion Communications Officer, 4th Battalion, 63rd Armor, Fort Riley, Kansas. Responsible for coordination and operation of communications for an armor battalion.
            Nov 1977- May 1978; Battalion Motor Officer, 4th Battalion, 63rd Armor, Fort Riley, Kansas. Responsible for coordination and operation of the maintenance program for an armor battalion.
            Feb 1976- Apr 1977; Platoon Leader, A Company, 121st Signal Battalion, Fort Riley, Kansas. Responsible for 70 man communications platoon at 1st Infantry Division Headquarters.

            Regents Distinguished Teacher, 1999.
            Advancia Award for Distance Education, 1999.
            Ten time winner of the National Technological University Outstanding Instructor Award 1992-2002.
            Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding OSU Electrical Engineering Professor of 1988 & 1989
            Member Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

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