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RFID and RFID Sensing Applications in Manufacturing Systems (IEM 5990)

A seminar oriented introductory course on the emerging discipline of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and related sensing technologies, and their applications to the various aspects of manufacturing systems. The focus will be on studying the data management, abstraction issues that have a direct bearing on improving the quality and integrity of Manufacturing and Supply Systems. Syllabus: Spring 2005


High Volume Manufacturing Systems (IEM 5303)

Introduction to design and operation of high volume Manufacturing Systems with specific focus on sensor-based technologies for on-line quality monitoring. Syllabus: Fall 2004


Manufacturing Processes (232L at USC)

Basic manufacturing processes including casting, machining, forming and welding; current trends in manufacturing processes including polymer, ceramic and composite material processing, and electronic device fabrication; introduction to numerical control and computer integrated manufacturing. Syllabus: Fall 2003


Introduction to Computer Systems (382 at USC)

Fundamental concepts of modern computer systems; design of industrial information systems including data based systems and data processing economics. Prerequisite: CSCI 101L. Syllabus: Spring 2003


Computer Aided Manufacturing (511L at USC)

Modern industrial automation, numerical control concepts, programmable controllers, robotics, computer-process interfacing, automated process and quality control, flexible manufacturing systems, introduction to computer-integrated manufacturing systems.
Syllabus: Fall 2003


Special Topics (599 at USC)

"Datamining Concepts and Applications," 3 units.

Syllabus: Spring 2003


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