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Research Agenda


·   Eight undergraduate students selected from various premier institutions from India (IITs) participate in a summer internship program sponsored by CEAT Dean. Brij Bhushan (IIT-Madras) worked on analytical modeling of vibration signals from CMP process, and Shashi Chandra Maan (IIT-Kanpur) participated in thermal modeling in CMP using wireless temperature sensor arrays.

·   Akkarapol Sangasoongsang wins MHEF society scholarship for the second year in row

·   Paper on real-time monitoring of cardiovascular dynamics using ECG signals (Trung Le, Bukkapatnam and Komanduri receives best student paper award (CIE-Track) at the IIE Research Conference, Cancun, 2010

·   Trey Cole awarded Wentz Project to conduct supervised undergraduate research on wireless monitoring of cardiac disorders

·   NSF project on real-time defect mitigation in CMP process for microelectronic wafers approved

·   NSF Workshop on Sensing and Prognostics issues in Nanomanufacturing

·   Dr. Bukkapatnam invited to attend NSF workshop on uncertainty in machining

·   Paper co-authored by Hui Yang and Satish Bukkapatnam wins the best paper award (Manufacturing and Design Division) in the Industrial Engineering Research Conference, Miami, 2009

·   Dr. Bukkapatnam appointed as a department editor for IIE Transactions focused issue journals in Quality and Reliability Engineering, and Manufacturing and Design



·   Dr. Hui Yang accepts position as an Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering at the University of South Florida (USF)

·   Prahalad Rao wins OSU-IEM Alpha Pi Mu Outstanding Research Assistant Award

·   Dr. Hui Yang selected as a finalist for the OSU graduate Phoenix Award

·   Dr. Hui Yang defends his PhD dissertation

·   Dr. Bukkapatnam is among about 25 invitees from engineering and science disciplines (5 from Industrial Engineering)  to a workshop on NSF Nanomanufacturing Systems, Feb 2008 and among about 30 invitees (3 in Industrial Engineering) to the “New Frontiers in Dynamic Systems” Workshop jointly organized by NSF, AFOSR, ARO, ONR, NIH and USDA, Feb 2007

·   Dr.Satish Bukkapatnam becomes CHAIR of INFORMS Quality, Statistics and Reliability (QSR) Section .

·   COMMSENS Lab researchers demonstrate RFID for securing containers in Port of Catoosa ( video)

·   COMMSENS Lab Students receive NSF travel grants: Hui Yang (PhD IEM), Milind Malshe (PhD MAE), Upendra Phatak (MS MAE).

·   NSF project on monitoring and control of endpoints of wafer polishing using dynamic systems and decision theories.


·        Dr.Satish Bukkapatnam elected to be position of 2008 CHAIR-ELECT of INFORMS Quality, Statistics and Reliability (QSR) Section.

·        Dr.Satish Bukkapatnam receives Best Paper Award in 2007 INFORMS Annual Conference (more..)

·        Oklahoma Newschannel 4 interviews Dr. Satish Bukkapatnam about wireless sensor networks and RFID. VIDEO

·        COMMESENS Lab receives two new NSF projects in “Nonlinear Stochastic Differential Equation Modeling Of Manufacturing System” and “Design And Application Of RFID Micro Tags”, taking the number of active NSF projects at COMMSENS Lab to four.

·        NASSCO delegation visits COMMSENS Lab (more..)

·        List of updated COMMSENS Publications in 2006 (more..)

·        Current COMMSENS projects and their description (more..)



  • Mr. Upendra Phatak (MS MAE) and Mr. Jakkrit Kunthong (PhD ECE) won the first and the second best poster presentation award, respectively, in the recently held OSU Research Week events. They are advisees of Professor Bukkapatnam and members of the Sensor Networks and Complex Systems Monitoring (COMMSENS) Lab of IEM School. Mr. Phatak works with Professors Komanduri and Bukkapatnam on studying the effects of various chemical elements in a widely used semiconductor manufacturing process called Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) through the use of wireless sensor signals. Mr. Kunthong (co-advised by Drs. Bunting and Bukkapatnam) is part of Dr. Bukkapatnam’s NSF project team that works on designing high-throughput wireless sensor networks for various monitoring applications.
  • New project on Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Based Modeling of Chemical Mechanical Planarization Process approved by NSF (2007)


  • Dr.Satish Bukkapatnam's expert commentary appears in mass media--“Impact of RFID sensors on homeland security (a 5 minute Investigation segment)” KFOR (NBC) Channel, Oklahoma City, Feb 28, 2006
  • Three COMMSENS students- Prahalad Rao, Jayjeet Govardhan and Sharethram Hariharan complete their masters thesis under Dr.Bukkapatnam in 2006 (click here)
  • List of updated COMMSENS Publications in 2006 (click here)
  • Current COMMSENS projects and their description (click here)


  • Oklahoma Department of Transportation (OK-DoT) approves a project on RFID sensor applications for integrity monitoring 
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) initiates a project on RFID technology assessment
  • General Motors (GM) initiates a project on non-linear system dynamic system modeling of manufacturing systems
  • Recent student presentations in AIAA/ASME conference. (more)
  •  New seminar course on RFID and RF sensing Applications (syllabus, course)


  • CELDI (an NSF/IUCRC) approves a new grant to enhance the lab content in RFID and RFID sensing systems (updated report) (details)
  • A new lab set up at the Advanced Technology and Research Center (ATRC) of the Oklahoma State University to advance sensor-based research for quality and integrity monitoring modern manufacturing machines, processes, and other complex systems through wired and wireless sensor networks (COMMSENS)
  • The National Science foundation grants a $750K project to develop a new wireless sensing approach to monitor integrity in large complex systems for interest to Manufacturing and Service Enterprises (e.g., underground gas pipelines). This project is led by 4 investigators, one each from Penn State, Oklahoma State, MIT and Berkeley. (presentation)

·         underlying these signals for quality and integrity monitoring.

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