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1. Requirements

2. Application Instructions

3. Submitting your Application


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he usual standard for admission to the MSCSE program is to have a bachelor's degree in a mainstream engineering discipline from an ABET accredited (or equivalent) program with a 3.25 undergraduate GPA. Applicants not quite meeting these standards may be granted probationary admission based upon their overall academic and professional practice history and accomplishments. Technical degrees in other fields are acceptable, if either on-the-job experiences or formal courses have provided applicants with sufficient engineering background.

Admission to the MSCSE Program requires the approval of both the Graduate College and the MSCSE Program. Therefore you will need to fill out two forms: Graduate Application for Admission and the MSCSE Program Application. The instructions below will guide you through the application process.   

OSU Graduate College Application Instructions

A.   Graduate Application for Admission Form
If you have an MSCSE application packet in hand it should contain the "Graduate Application for Admission" form.  If you do not have a hard copy of this form  you may download  PDF version that is appropriate for you.*

Graduate Application for Admission (domestic)

Graduate Application for Admission (international)

Please type or print all information on the form. Give your full legal name and avoid initials, abbreviations, or nicknames. Please always use the name you list on this application in all your official contacts with the University and the MSCSE Program.  When completing the Graduate Application for Admission form with the intention of entering the MSCSE Program, please:

1.  For off-campus students (distance learners), mark "Extension Enrollment" since this is for two-way interactive video or CDRom program delivery.   Those intending to enroll on-campus should choose "Resident Enrollment".  And OSU-Tulsa students should mark "Tulsa Graduate Center".
2.  For item #9, mark "Degree Candidate" as the Admission Status. Do not mark "Special Student."
3.  For item #10, insert "Control Systems Engineering" as the Proposed Major and insert "Master of Science" as the Degree Sought.
4.  Enclose a $40 ($75 for International applicants) check or money order made payable to "OSU" for the Graduate College application.
*It is possible to submit this application on-line however it is not recommended unless you send a hard copy of the results to the MSCSE office with the rest of your application.   If it is less than two weeks from the time the course/semester  starts please do not use the on-line application.

B.  One Official Copy of Transcripts
Please submit official transcripts from each college and university you have attended, including Oklahoma State University (regardless of the number of credits earned). While separate transcripts are preferred, transfer credits from other colleges and universities listed on a transcript may be acceptable for application purposes if they show specific course numbers, titles, credit hours, and grades. Applicants are responsible for contacting each university / college and requesting official transcripts. If a school will not issue official transcripts to you under any circumstances, they may send transcripts directly to the MSCSE office at 106 Engineering North, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078-1019.

C.  International Applicants (any student who is not a permanent resident of the U.S.) Should Supply:

1.Official Results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)(required of all International Applicants unless they have received a degree in the U.S. during the past three years.)  A Minimum score of 600 is required for admission to the MSCSE Program. For inquiries concerning testing arrangements and results please contact: Test of English as a Foreign Language, Educational Testing Service, P.O. Box 6151, Princeton, NJ 08541-6151, USA, Phone: 609-921-9000

2.Confirmation of Financial Resources Form (not required unless planning to reside in the U.S. during the program of study.) This form states that the applicant has sufficient funding for tuition and living expenses for the duration of the MSCSE Program.

3. Copies of your visa status documents if planning to reside in the US.

MSCSE Program Application Requirements

A.  Master of Science in Control Systems Engineering Program Application Form
- PDF Version
The "OSU Control Systems Engineering Application" form requests information regarding your personal history, academic preparation, and work experience. Please type or print all information on this form. It also requests a one-page Statement of Qualifications, Goals and Objectives. Also, please be certain that you read and sign the statement on page 2.

B. Statement of Qualifications, Goals, and Objectives
Please prepare a one-page, typewritten, double-spaced essay that includes the following:

  • What are your career goals?
  • How will an MSCSE degree aid you in achieving these goals?
  • Why are you applying Oklahoma State University’s MSCSE Program?
  • What personal strengths will help you attain your goals?
  • What personal challenges do you face to attain your goals?


Application Processing

A.  Submitting an Application Package
When you have completed all required materials (as listed in I and 2 above), please mail them in one envelope to: Director, Master of Science in Control Systems Engineering, 106 Engineering North, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK 74078, Phone 405-744-2337. All application materials and supporting documents become the property of Oklahoma State University and will not be returned. Please note that admissions offers are valid for one year only. Should you not enroll within that time period, you must reapply.

B.  Application Deadlines for Admission to the MSCSE Program
Application materials received by the following dates will receive priority consideration for admission. For on-campus students seeking financial aid for the research option, the application should be received four months earlier than the dates given below

Who Date For
U.S. Applicants July 15
December 15
July 1
Fall Admission
Spring Admission
Summer Admission
International Applicants April 15
September 15
February 15
Fall Admission
Spring Admission
Summer Admission

The application review process begins when the MSCSE Program receives your application package. Because all seats in an entering class may be committed prior to the application deadline, we urge you to submit your completed application package as early as possible. You may expect to be notified of the Admissions Committee’s decision within six weeks after your completed application package is received. Should you have questions concerning the MSCSE Program or the application process, please contact:

Brenda Johnson, Assistant Director
Control Systems Engineering Program
106 Engineering North
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 405-744-2337 / Fax: 405-744-1673



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