Master thesis 1928 - 1944

OSU History


Day, Virginia.  "Reconstruction in Texas."

McTaggert, John Bryan.  "A History of the Comanche Tribe of
   Indians as Influenced by the Federal Indian Policy."

Taylor, Zelma. " Fifty Years of American Influence in Hawaiian
   Affairs of State."


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Fitzwater, Lynne Ellen.  "The Alien Registration Act of 1840:  A
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McDaniel, Amanda Ellen.  "The History of Masonry in Oklahoma from
1874 to 1892."


Abhyankar, Vishvanath S.  "The United States and Samoa (1854-
   1900)--A Study of Diplomatic Relations."

Armstrong, Louis E.  "The Vera Cruz Affair--1914."

Collins-Smith, Annie B.  "The Alabama Election of 1874."

Cox, Charles Raymond.  "Caddoan Relations With the White Race
   Previous to 1801."

Dyess, William Benjamin.  "Reasons for the Non-Ratification of
   the Versailles Treaty of Peace by the Senate of the United

Emerson, True Bennett.  "The Oklahoma Constitutional Convention."

Fleming, Bertha Belle.  "Legislative Enactments Relating to the
   Indians in Indian Territory from 1879 to 1889."

Howe, Willie Lou.  "The Early Trails of Oklahoma and Their

Hunt, C. Lucille.  "A Selected Bibliography of Oklahoma History
   From 1890 to 1907 With Critical Estimates of the Sources."

McWethy, Faye.  "The Result of American Oil Interests in Mexico
   Upon American-Mexico Relations."

Milam, Joe B.  "The Opening of the Cherokee Outlet."

Nash, Elizabeth.  "Land of the Kiamichi."

Parsons, David.  "The United Sates and a Nicaraguan Canal."

Reynolds-Coffey, Lois Marie.  "A History of the Wichitas."

Sample, Charles Cecil.  "The Isthmian Canal Policy of the United

Sandlin, Margaret.  "The Role of the United Sates in the
   International American Conferences."

Swearingen, Rector Hamilton.  "The Revolutionary Exploits of
   George Rogers Clark."


Allen, Alice Margaret.  "James Wilkinson:  Spanish Intrigues on
   the Mississippi River, 1787-1813."

Bateman, Clara Marguriete.  "Representative Confederate Prison's
   of the Civil War."

Bell-Allnutt, Lillian.  "United States, Cuba and the Isle of

Boren, Mark Dale.  "The United States and the Tacna-Arica

Doughty, Lester Monroe.  "A History of the Georgia Boundaries and
   the Yazoo Land Frauds."

Frazier, Orley Franklin.  "The Acquisition of the Floridas by the
   United States."

Hatcher, Benjamin Noble.  "The United States Acquisition of the
   Danish West Indies."

Kelley, Ted Andrew.  "Roosevelt's Relation to the Secession of

Liegerst-Harrison, Grace.  "The Establishment of the Southern
   Boundary of Pennsylvania."

Logan, James White.  "Woodrow Wilson's Mexican Poicy During the
   First Administration."

Lowe, Daniel Potter.  "The Establishment of the Northeastern
   Boundary of the United States."

Lowery, Mary.  "The Sixth Pan-American Conference."

McAninch, Harry Lee.  "History of Pennsylvania Under the Reign of
   William Penn."

Martin, Walter Albert.  "The Whiskey Insurrection."

Murphy, William Hyman.  "A History of the Opening of the Wichita-
   Caddo-Kiowa-Comanche-Apache Reservations."

Sassen, Ertis.  "The Imperialism of the United States in Cuba
   Since 1898."

Seal, John Daniel.  "The Blockade of 1861-1865."

Talley, Ted R.  "The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln."


Bondurant, Roy.  "United States-Panemanian Diplomatic Relations."

Cox, Raymond Clayton.  "The Pan-American Congress of 1826."

Crudup, Robert Ernest.  "The Gadsden Purchase."

Davidson-Harrison, Nelia Frances.  "Early Diplomatic Relations of
   the United Sates Regarding Cuba."

Davis, Paul. W.  "Civil War Pensions."

Dunlap, James D.  "The Caribbean Policy of the United States."

Echols, Vester Rector.  "Anglo-American Relations, 1861-1863."

Emerson, Ethel Mae.  "The Relationsihp of the United States
   Government to the Mormon Church."

Enlow, Katherine.  "Intervention of the United States into

Gardner, Charles Herbert.  "The Government of the Territory of

Henderson, Edgar Louis.  "Panama Canal Tolls Controversy."

Humphrey, Charles Manley.  "The Removal of the Creek Indians to

Keck, Irving Elmer.  "Arthur St. Clair, Governor of the
   Northwestern Territory."

Lowe, Daniel Potter, Jr.  "John Jay's Spanish Mission."

McIntire, William Forrest.  "American Intervention in Nicaraguan

Murphy, Marie Elizabeth.  "The Washington Conference of 1922."

Randels, Mildred.  "History of No Man's Land."

Ray, Zola Merle.  "The Philippines and the Jones Bill."

Ross, Clyde Charles.  "The Baltimore Affair or the Diplomatic
   Relations Between 1890-1892."

Umphers, Roger Sandford.  "The Relations Between the United Sates
   and Cuba Under the Platt Amendment."


Burright, Reba Loretta.  "The First Opening of Oklahoma."

Fisk, Harry Clay.  "Financial and Economic Aspects of Our
   Relations with Nicaragua, 1909-1934."

Ford, Marc H.  "The Fifth International Confernce of American

Halbrook, Thomas Arlington.  "History of Chilean Nitrate and its
   Relations to the United States."

Hamilton, Morris Chandler.  "The South Carolina Election of

Hughes, Joe Raymond.  "Revolutions in Hawaii."

Murphy, Finley Albert.  "The Movement for Phillippines
   Independence, 1898-1933."

Russell, Robert Reed.  "The Behring Sea Controversy."

Stillwell, James A.  "Diplomatic Relations of the United States
   with Columbia (1903-1924) Concerning the Panama Episode of

Taylor, Elizabeth Mary Oursler.  "The Hostilities in Florida
   Arising From the Removal of the Seminole Indians."

Woods, William Henry.  "The Treaty of Alliance Between France and
   the United States, 1778."


Eggers, Florence.  "A Study of Plains Indians Since the Formation
   of the Indian Bureau."

Flack, Harold Nelson.  "The Black Warior Affair."

Jones, Howard Sutton.  "Diplomatic Services of John Jay."

King, Hiram.  "The Louisiana Purchase:  Its Diplomatic,
   Political, and Economic Aspects."

Markwell, Ethel.  "The Unit Method Applied to the Teaching of
   Civics in the Junior High School."

Marsh, Walter Perry.  "The United States and the Central American
   Court of Justice."

Mitchell, Harland B.  "Anglo-American Diplomatic Relations to the
   Hay-Pauncefote Treaty."

Nantz, Ellis Fred.  "Maximillian, The Phantom Ruler of Mexico."

Peck, Henry L.  "The Treaty of 1846 Between the United States and
   New Granada (Columbia) and Subsequent Correspondence."

Quattlebaum, Howard William.  "The House Missions."

Smith, W. Gleason.  "Elections of 1872 in Louisiana."

Stockton, William G., Jr.  "The Humor of Robert Love Taylor."

Van Noy, La Joy.  "The Relations Between the United States and
   Santo Domingo, 1905-1916."

Welton, William Roy.  "The Life of Green McCurtain."

Wilcox, Myrna.  "A Study of Some of the Pioneer Statesmen of


Armstrong, Ira Raymond.  "The Mexico Session."

Clasby, William Henry.  "Secession and the Formation of the

Escue, Ella Craig.  "Course of Study for Problems of Democracy in
   High Schools."

Geren, Robert Earl.  "Diplomatic Services of Benjamin Franklin."

Harvey, Raymond C.  "The Impeachment of Henry S. Johnson."

Huckaby, George Portal.  "The Osage Indians and Their Treaty
   Relations with the Federal Government."

Jackman, Taylor Thurmann.  "Jay-Gardoqui Negotiations."

McCutcheon, Hollis Harmon.  "Franklin, the Pioneer State."

Muller, Helen Willie.  "The Seventh International Conference of
   American States."

Shaw, Homer Wayland.  "Andrew Jackson's Invasion of Florida in

Watson, J. Travis.  "The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson."


Baugh, John H., Jr.  "The French Settlement of Gallipolic, Ohio."

Benson, Bernice C.  "The Creek Nation During the Reconstruction

Crouse, Max.  "The Inception of the Monroe Doctrine."

Flanagan, Lurena.  "Life and Administration of U. S. Grant."

Frazier, Robert W.  "Sectionalism and the Trans-Allegheny West

Frederick, Cecil B.  "Purchase of Alaska."

French, Vesta M.  "The Reciprocity Policy of the United States
   with Canada."

Gay, Felix M.  "History of Nowata Counta."

Hall, Bill.  "The Relations Between the United States and Russia
   Between 1818-1824."

Hill, Wilburn C.  "Blaine-Conkling Controversy."

Hollabaugh, Glyn L.  "The Free Navigation of the Mississippi
   River to 1803."

McClendon, Josephine Shipp.  "Jefferson Davis and the Secession
   of Mississippi."

Mauck, Truman W.  "The Laffities and Their Activities on the
   Lower Mississippi River and Gulf Coast."

Murphy, Andy.  "The Lansign-Ishii Agreement."

Pearcy, Woodrow W.  "The Mexican Revolution:  Its Men, History
   and Principles."

Simms, Ethel A.  "The Reaction of the Western States to the
   Financial Policy of the United States From 1816-1826."

Steven, Luthe V.  "Luthe as an Educator."

Sullivan, Bloomer.  "Cordell Hull's Trade Program."

Summers, George A.  "The Leased District Claims of the Choctaw-

Taylor, James Willard.  "Lusitania Episode."

Wyatt, Clarence C.  "The Impeachment of J. C. 'Jack' Walton."


Aldrich, Gene.  "Pioneer and Pioneer Life in Payne County."

Aud, Edward J.  "W. G. D. Worthington--His South American

Barnett, James Albert.  "A History of the 'Empire of Green'."

Bryan, Valice Dixie.  "Muscle Shoals Project."

Buchanan, Effie D.  "History of the Zimmerman Note and the Effect
   of Its Publication."

Burns, Ray George.  "The American Institute of La Paz, Bolivia."

Campbell, Ruby T.  "Southern Planter."

Cannon, James A.  "The United States and the Boundary Dispute
   Between Panama and Costa Rica."

Carlile, Homer E.  "Removal of the Eastern Cherokees."

Clark, Jasper Ed.  "The Moving of Oklahoma's Capital."

Enix, Lydia M.  "The Principles of the Neutrality Policy of the
   United States from 1914-1917, Their Background and

Estep, Raymond.  "Diplomatic Services of J. B. Prevost, Special
   Agent of Buenos Aries, Peru, and Chile."

Feighny, Al.  "M. K. T. Railroad Company."

Fitzgerold, Jess E.  "The Foreign Relations Between the United
   States and China 1878-1922."

Grayson, Frances M.  "The Hispanic American Policies of James G.

Hurd, Gerdie R.  "The Dawes Commission and Its Relation to the
   Five Civilized Tribes."

Lake, Lester L.  "The Seventh Pan-American Conference."

Knox, Ethel K.  "Early History of Perry, Oklahoma."

Moore, Tom.  "Farm Tenancy in Oklahoma, 1925 to 1935."

Oliver, William H.  "American Business Interests in Hawaii in
   Relations to Annexation."

Pippenger, Gladys M.  "Henry Clay and Hispanic-American

Rice, Lon C.  "Major Issues of the Two Major Political Parties
   Since 1912."

Rowland, Charles O.  "Sentiment Toward the Annexation of Canada
   in the War of 1812."

Titus, Robert S.  "The 101 Ranch."

Willis, Ettie G.  "History of Marshall County Prior to

Yarborough, James M.  "The Transition of the Chickasaws from an
   Indian Nation to a Part of an Organized State."

Younger, Edward E.  "Henry Lane Wilson and the Mexican
   Revolution, 1910-1914."


Allen, Eugene.  "Development of Law and Legal Institutions Among
   the Creek Indians from 1540 to 1906."

Bayless, James H.  "The Claim of Beaumarchials and How it Was

Beauchamp, Merle D.  "The Eighth Pan American Conference."

Boren, Lyle H.  "Biographical Sketches in Current Oklahoma

Broadhead, Fred C.  "The Presidential Election of 1932 as a
   Social Revolution in the United States."

Brown, Joe E.  "A Study of the Executive Department of Oklahoma
   and Tennessee with Emphasis on Comparative Costs of

Bullock, Josephine T.  "The Chaco Incident."

Coldiron, William Todd.  "The Hayes-Tilden Election."

Costiloe, Charles R.  "History of Rogers County."

Curry, Guy A., Jr.  "The Struggle for Autonomy in Puerto Rico."

Derrick, Michael E.  "Was John C. Calhoun Localist or

Foster, Lee M.  "History of Harper County."

Friend, Herbert.  "The Regulators of North Carolina."

Gilbert, Bertha S.  "Anthony Butler, the United States Minister
   to Mexico From October, 1829, to May, 1836."

Goodnight, Marjorie C.  "Pioneers in the Development of Carter
   County, Oklahoma."

Gordon, Laura A.  "The Mission Schools of the Five Civilized
   Tribes in Oklahoma."

Harpham, Howard Charles.  "The Elijah Rise and Ephraim Squire
   Missions to Central America."

Howe,  S. L.  "The Peace Pact of Paris of August 27, 1928."

Jackson, Eldon L.  "History of the Grand River Farm."

Killingsworth, Charles C.  "Origins and Functions of the National
   Labor Relations Act."

Lloyd, Sherman L.  "Henry Clay's Fight for His System of Internal

Potts, Glenn L.  "Theodore Roosevelt and the Portsmouth Treaty of

Shelton, W. L.  "A History of Texas County, Oklahoma."

Smith, Willard Preston.  "The Agricultural Development of Kiowa

Spencer, Ralph.  "President Polk's Territorial Aims of the
   Mexican Cession."
Stiewig, James E.  "The Administration of Governor Bullock of
   Georgia, 1868-1871."

Swiggert, Hurst J.  "The Anglo-American Trade Treaty of 1938."

Townsend, Charles V.  "Opening of the Cheyenne and Araphaho

Vaughn, Martha Lou.  "The Old Santa Fe Trail."

Wheeler, Nellie N.  "Sherman's March to the Sea, 1864."


Ausley, Richard K.  "History of the Initiative and Referendum in
   the United States."

Avery, Emi J.  "The Social and Economic History of the Quapaw
   Indians Since 1833."

Bayless, L. George.  "Early History of the Modocs, the War, and
   Claims Due to the War."

Bowers, Leo.  "A History of the Sac and Fox Indians Until After
   the Opening of Reservation in Oklahoma."

Buck, Carl.  "Economic Development of the Chickasaw Indians,

Cravens, Dollye Hefner.  "Standard Bearer of the Cherokees:  The
   Life of William Wirt Hastings."

Crudup, Clarence P.  "The Compromise of 1850."

Dent, John Howard.  "Walter Hines Page, American Ambassador to
   England, 1913 to 1918."

Francisco, Mary Bess.  "Manuel Gonzalez Prada:  A Liberal in
   Peruvian Politics."

Guese, Lucieus E.  "The Great Whiskey Ring."

Herndon, John Renfro.  "A History of Pontotoc County."

Knepper, Ruth B.  "A Critical Study of the Historical Element in
   'The Crisis' by Winston Churchill."

Koch, Iris G.  "Zack Mulhall, His Family and the Mulhall Wild
   West Show."

Marshall, Herbert Claude.  "The North Carolina Cherokees."

Nethery, Willis J.  "The Relations Between the United States
   Government and the Yeton Sioux Indians From 1868-1890."

Patzkowsky, Wesley A.  "William Jennings Bryan's Resignation from
   the Wilson Cabinet."

Penner, Orville K.  "The Trent Affair."

Pope, Virginia C.  "The Green Corn Rebellion:  A Case Study in
   Newspaper Self-Censorship."

Rogers, Melvin P.  "The History of the Pawnee Indians."

Sandlin, Finas Guthrie.  "Thomas Hart Benton and His Public Land

Sharp, Ira W.  "The Belknap Scandal During the Grant

Watson, Theodore R.  "The Big Pasture and Its Opening to

Wyckoff, Dottie M.  "The Nashville Connection, 1850."


Adriaenssens, Opal O.  "The Long Drive."

Clark, Marion Dixon.  "The Presidential Election of 1860."

Clubb, Inez L.  "A History of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in
   Oklahoma From 1920 to the Present."

Cunningham, Ruth.  "The Creation and Development of Platt
   National Park."

Cunningham, Russell M.  "The Mexican Expropriation of Oil
   Property 1917-1941."

Darling, Ernest F.  "A Study of the Siege and Fall of the Alamo
   and of Its Chief Defenders."

Downs, Eldon Wilson.  "The Baptist Student Union:  It's Origin,
   and It's Development in Oklahoma."

Foster, Thad M.  "The Development of Mangum, Oklahoma."

Gill, Ed.  "Attempts at Compromise of Civil War Issues."

Hawkins, Francis Glenn.  "Winston Spencer Churchill and the
   Dardanelles Campaign."

Hort, Herman Immanuel.  "Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the
   American Republics at Panama."

Horton, Irene Marshall.  "Historical Events Which Affected the
   Costumes of the United States in the Nineteenth Century."

Hughes,  William Hankin.  "Old Fort Supply."

Kisner, William H.  "The London Naval Conference, 1930."

Klingensmith, Don J.  "History of the Ponca Indians in Oklahoma."

McKinney, Myron Dale.  "A Century of Dissension at the Red River

Mayfield, Britt J.  "Recent Political and Economic Relations With

Miller, Lois Ann.  "British and American Interests and Activities
   in California from 1848-1850."


Eck, Albert.  "The Traditional Neutrality Policy of the United
   States and Freedom of the Seas, 1793-1917."

Hinds, Edwood M.  "A History of Congregationalism in Oklahoma
   from 1817-1942."

Lobitz, Walter A.  "The True Jesse Chisolm Trail."

Pinkston, Lou A.  "Brazilian-United States Relations From 1930 to

Porter, Acton.  "The History of the Public Land Strip to 1907."

Speakman, Lucille Robinet.  "Military History of Fort Smith,


Allen, Marvin R.  "The Treatment of American Prisoners of War in

Evans, Samuel Woodson.  "The Government's Policy Toward Land
   Grant Railroads."

Flowers, Herbert D.  "Why Oklahoma Governors Have Been

Harp, Milford B.  "A Survey of Shawnee Medicine Men and Their

McAllester, Helen Hail.  "Oklahoma's Owen Fights for a League."

Sturm, Hobart P.  "The St. Francois Projection."

Yost, Howard M.  "History of Military Education in the United


Houston, Josephine Sue.  "Peace Structures of Inter-American
   Conferences from 1890-1942 at Translated from Original
   Spanish Documents with Interpretations."

Kelly, Lillie Z.  "The Good Neighbor Policy and Mexico (1933-

Reynolds, Orvel C.  "The Evolution of Mexico's National and
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Womack, Lillie.  "The Good Neighbor Policy and Mexico."