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Welcome to Arts and Sciences Student Academic Services. If you have experienced orientation or enrollment as an Arts and Sciences undergraduate student or have come to campus as a prospective student, you have probably visited the Student Academic Services Office. Our responsibilities include any issue or concern related to your academic needs as an OSU undergraduate student.  The following table provides an overview of the information available on our website with regard to undergraduate and pre-professional studies.
Arts and Sciences Majors
Choosing a Major
The Enrollment Process
Degree Requirements
and Curriculum Planning
Enriching Your Degree
(Minors, double majors,
Area Studies Certificates)
Transfer Student Information
Pre-Health Advising
Pre-Law Advising
Arts and Sciences 1111
(Freshman Orientation)
What kind of job can I get
with a major in. . .
Study Abroad
Graduation Information
(application process,
graduation checks, etc. . .)
Frequently Asked Questions
(from appeals & petitions
to dropping & adding)
Mythical Policies &
Academic Rumors
Campus Resources

Ask an Advisor
 (on-line assistance)

The People in Student
Academic Services

Scholarship Announcements

Do not hesitate to call if we have not included the information you need on this or one of the following pages.  If you would like to speak to an academic counselor regarding specific issues, visit our office in 202 Life Sciences East or call (405)744-5658.

We hope the information contained here helps you make the most of the opportunities available through The College of Arts and Sciences at Oklahoma State University.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to send email.

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