Choices...Find the One that's Right for You

The College of Arts and Sciences' 22 departments and two schools offer 46 degree programs at the bachelor's level. The College provides academic preparation for a wide variety of professions. The following information may help as you try to develop your interests into a degree program or decide between any varied interests you may have.  If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may find your major in one of the lists below.  

Do you enjoy working with numbers and equipment?
Are you intrigued by finding solutions to complex problems?

Majors in the natural and mathematical sciences help you develop strong analytical thinking skills and learn specific techniques for solving problems through research. These programs could lead you to advanced degrees in related areas, work in health care, environmental, or science industries, or other business, education, government, or financial careers.
Biological Science                    
Physical Science           Mathematical Science
Biological Sciences
Cell and Molecular Biology
Wildlife and Fisheries Ecology
Computer Science

Are you fascinated by learning about the history of human culture in all its forms?
Is communication one of your strengths?
Do you like to solve problems and express yourself in creative ways?
Are understanding people and social institutions intriguing to you?

The areas listed below, frequently referred to as the liberal arts, help you develop strong written and spoken communication skills. They also teach you to understand and work well with people and to solve problems creatively. Careers utilizing these skills include counseling and social services, government, education, marketing, management and financial services. In addition, arts organizations and the entertainment industry seek liberal and fine arts graduates. Graduate degrees can further enhance your skills, making you more competitive for positions that require high-level decision making.


Fine Arts     

     Social Sciences

Foreign Languages:
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Spanish
    Political Science
    Speech Communication

Is writing your talent?
Do you enjoy researching and interviewing to get and understand details?
Can you visualize how  words and graphics work together effectively?

The School of Journalism and Broadcasting prepares you to be an effective media communicator and to understand how the mass media operate. The following major options are available:
  • Advertising and Sales
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • News-Editorial Journalism
  • Public Relations

Is your goal to attend medical or law school after graduation?
Are you interested in completing preparatory work to pursue allied health fields?

The A&S pre-health and pre-law advisers provide university-wide coordination of pre-professional information and keep in touch with area schools and schools nationwide. Advisers also assist students in choosing appropriate majors to meet their goals.
Complete a Bachelor's
at OSU then Apply to Professional School in:
Complete Two to Three Years
Preparatory Work at OSU then Apply to Health Program in:
Complete an OSU   Degree in:
Veterinary Medicine
Dental Hygiene
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Physician's Associate
Radiologic Technology
Medical Technology
Speech Pathology

Are you interested in one or more Arts and Sciences programs?
Can you envision yourself in several of the career areas listed?
Do you need to take some time to explore your interests before selecting a major?

Academic advisers in the Office of Student Academic Services are experienced in working with undecided students. They will assist you in identifying areas of interest and in selecting classes that keep your options open and help you test the programs you are considering.

For more detailed information regarding careers typically associated with Arts and Sciences majors see What kind of job can I get with a major in ....?  If you would like to view a Departmental Listing of Major options, refer to Arts and Sciences Degree Programs.

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