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Improve Stored Grain Through IPM

Low-cost solutions to grain storage problems amount to $10-15 million in estimated savings in Oklahoma each year, thanks to an Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service developed Integrated Pest Management System. Savings stem from reduced insect damage and improved market competitiveness. Grain managers in other states are starting to use the program.

OSU's IPM system focuses on SLAM (Sanitation; Loading; Aeration; and Monitoring), a process co-developed with Purdue University. Results include cleaner grain that’s less attractive to insects, fewer pesticides used, and reduced storage costs. Grain losses in some locations are reduced 25-40 percent.

Some Oklahoma elevator operators have installed an OCES-developed closed loop fumigation (CLF) system. CLF involves sealing storages and installing piping with a small recirculation blower from the bin roof to the base aeration systems or other openings. With CLF, less labor is needed, confined space work is reduced, gas distribution is faster and more uniform, and efficacy is higher. About 25-50 percent less phosphine pellets are required. CLF costs 1-2 cents/bushel installed. CLF eliminates “turning” grain to fumigate in concrete facilities, minimizing grain handling damage and housekeeping.

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