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Required Coursework

Course Number Course Name Professor Semester offered
General Requirements    
ENVR 1113 Environmental Science Carter Fall
BIOC 2344 Biochemistry Ford Spring
Core Courses for all options    
AGEC 3503 Naural Resource Economics Sanders Spring
BIOL 3034 General Ecology    
ENVR 4813 Environmental Science Problem Solving and Applications (Capstone) Hattey Spring
FOR 4813 Forest Hydrology Turton Spring
GEOL 3503 Environmental Geology Halihan Spring
MCAG 4112 Land and Site Measurement   Spring
POLS 4363 Environmental Law Lawler Fall/Spring
POLS 4593 Natural Resources and Environmental Policy Lawler  
SOIL 4463 Soil and Water Conservation Hattey Spring
Additional Core Courses- Water Resource    
GEOL 4453 Hydrogeology Halihan Fall
SOIL 3893 Soil Chemistry and Environmental Quality   Spring
SOIL 4683 Environmental Soil Science   Fall
Additional Core Courses-Environmental Policy    
AGEC 4503 Environmental Economics Boyer Fall
FOR 4443 Forest Policy and Administration McKinley Spring
FOR 4553 Forest Recreation   Fall
POLS 3493 Public Policy   Spring
Additional Core Courses – Natural Resources    
FOR 3213 Forest Ecology Hallgren Fall
RLEM 2913 Ecology of Natural Resources   Spring
RLEM 4954 Rangeland Vegetation Management    
RLEM 3913 Principles of Rangeland Management   Fall
COSC 3513 Conservation Biology   Fall