Oklahoma State University - CASNR
Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and 4-H Youth Development -

Instructor:        Bill Weeks
                        458 Ag Hall (Home: 2127 Tanglewood Circle, 743-4109)
                        744-5129 (Office) Bonnie Milby, Support Staff - 455 Ag Hall
                        email - agedwgw@okstate.edu

Labs:               Brent Young, Graduate Teaching Assistant
                        459 Ag Hall - 744-2972
                        Jon Ramsey, Instructor
                        457 Ag Hall – 744-4260

Time/Place:     Lecture: Mondays and Wednesdays - 8:30 - 9:20, 202 Agh
                        Lab:     T or R 1:30 – 3:20 or 3:30 - 5:20 - 401 Agh   

Texts:              Understanding Ag: New Directions for Ed, National Academy Press, 1988
                        FFA Student Handbook, NFFA (required)
                        Lab Receipt ($5.00) (required)
                        Robert’s Rules of Order, 1992 (optional)
                        Parliamentary Procedure Training Manual, ACRO (optional)

Prerequisite:    AGED 3103

Course Description: Determining resources and trends of local communities with respect to agricultural production and agribusiness. Emphasis on agricultural education programs policies, FFA chapter advisement, planning and managing the instructional program, identification and completion of records and reports required of a teacher of agricultural education in Oklahoma.

Style of Instruction: The predominate teaching methods for this course will be Socratic and lecture/discussion.  In order for students to have meaningful discussion, they should complete required readings before coming to class.  Modified debate, role-play, case study, problem solving, and simulations will be used.  The lab section will model experiential learning; students will participate in planned activities related to the secondary program of agricultural education.

Course Objectives: This course is a follow-up to AGED 3103. We will focus on the supervision and coordination of student supervised agricultural experience (SAE) as well as the student organization (FFA) for students enrolled in agricultural education. The intent is to broaden your thinking with regards to SAE and FFA as well as to explore in a philosophical nature, rationales for a rapidly changing program in agricultural education. 

Knowledge Base - The foundation of this course are the educational philosophers, base practitioners, and critics in and outside of agricultural education that shape the total program of agricultural education.  From a philosophical perspective, John Dewey, Rufus Stimson; from a historical perception, Robert Price and the work of Gary Moore; and from the reform arena, the text, Understanding Agriculture, New Directions for Education.

Electronic Communication: Course information including assignment specifications, old tests, syllabi, etc. can be found on the AGED 3203 Blackboard site.  Access it at http://blackboard.okstate.edu. Enrolling in this course allows you access to the AGED 3203 blackboard site. 

Attendance: Your attendance is important because much of the course material will be absorbed through discussion, small group participation, and activities. If you miss class for an important reason, you are responsible for getting the missed work and notes. Your absence is a personal choice and consequences are a result of your own priorities.

Quizzes/Homework - Quizzes will be given and homework assigned.  Each quiz will cover assigned readings for that class period.  No quizzes will be given on examination days.  In some cases homework will be substituted for a quiz.

Bonus Points: You may earn "bonus points" by attending lecture regularly. If you are present for every lecture you will earn 10 bonus points.  Other bonus point opportunities will be announced in class.

Portfolios - The following assignments have been cross-walked with the OCTP competencies.

Assignment                                  Core Area                                         Competency

Philosophical Issues Debate           Professionalism/Life Long Learning            I

CDE Presentations                          Professionalism/Life Long Learning            A

8th Grade Career Fair                      Integration/Diversity                                     K

SAE Policy Statement                     Integration                                                    C

SAE Record Book                            Integration                                                    H

Agriscience Fair                               Integration                                                    D

Newsletter/Homepage                     Professionalism/Life Long Learning            F

I Wonder Fair                                   Integration/Diversity                                     E


Plagiarism: Plagiarism is the representation of someone else’s ideas as if they were your own. Where the arguments, data, designs, etc. of someone else are being used in a paper, report, oral presentation, or similar academic project, this fact must be made explicitly clear by citing the appropriate references. Also, you must not suppose that only verbatim copying requires crediting. Paraphrasing someone else’s ideas is still using someone else’s ideas, and must be acknowledged. Students who are found guilty of academic dishonesty or misconduct are subject to disciplinary action including (where appropriate) a grade of “F” for the course and/or dismissal from the university.  If you have any questions, please see your instructor or consult the Students Rights and Responsibilities section of the Oklahoma State University Catalog available online at http://www2.okstate.edu/srr/.

Students with Disabilities  According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, each student with a disability is responsible for notifying the University of his or her disability and to request accommodations.  If any member of a class thinks that he/she has a qualified disability and needs special accommodations, he/she should notify the instructor and request verification of eligibility for accommodations from the Office of Student Disability Services, 315 Student Union.  Please advise the instructor of such disability as soon as possible, and contact Student Disability Services, to ensure timely implementation of appropriate accommodations.  Faculty have an obligation to respond when they receive official notice of a disability but are under no obligation to provide retroactive accommodations.

Class Activities and Special Lab Projects

8th Grade Career Fair – Class will not meet on Wednesday, February 18th.  On that day, every 8th grader in Payne Co. (1200 of ‘em) will be at the Payne County Expo Center to find out more about careers.  You will help with the Reality Store portion of the program.  You can help in the morning or afternoon or both.  Reflect on your experience in a one page typed paper.  Due February 23rd.

SAE Policy Statement - Here is your opportunity to tell parents about SAE.  Tell them your expectations and requirements.  In ~ two-pages, tell all about what SAE will be when you are the teacher.  See blackboard for some help in getting started.  Due March 8th.

Cushing Interscholastics Earn bonus points by assisting with the Central District FFA Interscholastics hosted by the Agricultural Education Program in Cushing.  Friday, April 2nd.  Sign up with Mr. Ramsey.

I Wonder Fair – is a hands-on approach to helping children with their education by bringing them to Oklahoma State University for a day.  Approximately 5,000 area 5th graders, teachers, and parents, will spend a full day on the OSU campus, involved in academic (p.m.) and athletic (a. m.) activities.  Your team (4-5 lab mates) will host a booth engaging 5th graders in an agriscience or ag literacy project. 10:30 – 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 7th.

Career Development Events - A requirement for class is to participate in the OSU Interscholastic Career Development Events, the state qualifying contests for Oklahoma. In the first week of lab, CDEs will be randomly assigned.  Your lab assignment will be to present information on that CDE to students in your lab.  Students will assist the contest superintendent at the state-qualifying contest in April.  Rules for all CDEs will be placed on the CASNR homepage February 1st.  With the exception of Horse Evaluation, (held Saturday April 10th) all CDEs will be held at OSU on Saturday, April 24th. 

Grading State FFA Convention - Students will judge the Agriscience booths at the State FFA Convention in OKC on Tuesday, April 29th.



Two Hourly Exams @100


A > 90%

Philosophical Issue Debate


B > 80%

10 - 10 point Quizzes/Homework


C > 70%

Comprehensive Final Examination


D > 60%

SAE Policy Statement


F < 60%

Lab Assignments



Career Fair Reflection





AGED 3203 - Lecture – Spring 2004






Review of Legislation in Ag Ed




“New” Model for Agricultural Education




Ag Ed Philosophers:  Dewey and Stimson




Summer Program in Ag Ed




Career and Technology Education in Oklahoma




UA,NDE – Vocational Agriculture Education




UA,NDE – Vocational Agriculture Education




UA,NDE - Agricultural Literacy




UA,NDE – Implications




1st Hourly Exam (SAERC)




8th Grade Career Fair – Payne County Fair Grounds




Introduction to SAE

Career Fair Reflections Due



Types of SAEs




SAE Rewards and Barriers




SAE Rewards and Barriers




SAE Development, Supervising & Evaluating SAEs

SAE Policy Due



Parliamentary Procedure





Parliamentary Procedure




Parliamentary Procedure




2nd Hourly Exam




FFA Membership Degrees, etc.




Advisory Councils




I Wonder Fair – Willard Lawn (No Class)




Philosophical Issues in Ag Ed




Philosophical Issues in Ag Ed




Philosophical Issues in Ag Ed




Agriscience Fairs




Mom’s Panel




No Class - State FFA Convention, OKC




Final Exam – Wednesday May 5th 8:00 – 9:50



FFA Meeting Opening Ceremonies=40 points
Attendance=30 points
Total=310 points


Lab Topics


1/13 & 1/15

Orientation, CDE Selection, FFA POA

FFA Program of Activities

1/20 & 1/22

Digital Portfolios

Digital Portfolio - 20

1/27 & 1/29

Curriculum Planning/Summer Program


2/3 & 2/5

ROAD TRIP – Meridian Career Tech


2/10 & 2/12

I Wonder Fair “Design Day”


2/17 & 2/19

Livestock Show Ethics

I Wonder Fair Plan - 10

2/24 & 2/26

Record Books

Record Book Problem - 60

3/2 & 3/4

Record Books


3/9 & 3/11

Newsletter Construction

Ag Ed Newsletter -20

3/23 & 3/25

Parliamentary Procedure

I Wonder Fair Booth - 30

3/30 & 4/1

FFA CDEs (student presentations)

CDE Presentation – 40

4/6 & 4/8

FFA CDEs (student presentations)

“I Wonder Fair” Reflection - 10

4/13 & 4/15

FFA CDEs (student presentations)


4/20 & 4/22

ROAD TRIP – Sangre Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classroom Reflection – 10
OSU Interscholastics - 20

4/27 & 4/29

State FFA Convention
Judge AgriScience Fair Projects

Judge Agriscience Fair - 20


Aged 3203
- Guidelines for Philosophical Issue Presentations

The purpose of this assignment is to explore current issues in Agricultural Education. The topics we will investigate do not have right or wrong positions, but are issues that are currently being debated by agricultural education professionals. Above all, the purpose of this assignment is to get you to start thinking about issues that you will be confronted with as a teacher.

Issues will be drawn randomly using the "old maid method" of random selection. Topics will be designated "pro" or "con". Groups will be the same as those assigned for the I Wonder Fair.  "Pro" presentations will be immediately followed by the "con" presentation of that topic. Presentations will be limited to a maximum of 5 minutes. A question/answer period of 10 minutes will follow each pair of presentations. Faculty and graduate students from Ag Ed will be invited to attend class on presentation days.

Information sources to consider: Ag Ed Magazine, Faculty and Staff members, Ag Education teachers, Career-Tech staff, FFA New Horizons, etc. Your team presentation will be graded on the following criteria.




Use of visual aids




Convincing arguments


Response to questions



Spring 2004 FFA/Ag Ed Dates to Remember


January 20 - 29

State FFA Officer Goodwill Tour

February 7 - 8

State FFA Officer Candidate Interviews - Holiday Inn Airport - OKC

February 7

Altus FFA Interscholastics - Altus

February 21 - 28

National FFA Week

March 15 - 22

Oklahoma Youth Expo - OKC

March 31

State Star Judging - Stillwater

April 1

Connors FFA Interscholastics - Warner

April 2 - 3

NEO FFA Interscholastics - Miami

April 6

Murray FFA Interscholastics - Tishomingo

April 7 - 8

Northwestern OSU FFA Interscholastics - Alva

April 8

OSU Okmulgee FFA Interscholastics - Okmulgee

April 9 - 10

EOSC Interscholastics - Wilburton

April 10

State FFA Horse Judging - Stillwater

April 14

Cameron FFA Interscholastics - Lawton

April 20

State FFA Forestry Judging - Location TBA

April 23 - 24

State FFA Interscholastics - Stillwater

April 27 - 28

State FFA Convention - OKC

May 5 - 6

National Land, Homesite & Range Judging - OKC

May 30 - June 7

WLC Alumni Bus Trip - Washington, DC

July 13 - 15

OSU Big Three Field Days - Stillwater

August 3 - 5

CareerTech Summer Conference - Tulsa