AGED 3203 - Gradebook Assignment

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to design a gradebook template using Microsoft Excel and develop a grading philosophy.

Instructions: Use the information given during class to design your own gradebook spreadsheet. The spreadsheet should take into account grades such as assignments, tests, activities, participation, etc. It is up to you, the teacher, to decide what areas need to be included in the grading policy for your class and the value of those areas.

In order to receive full credit for this assignment, each student must be accounted for in your gradebook spreadsheet, totals should be calculated and a letter grade assigned. All pieces of information should be properly labeled. The gradebook spreadsheet should utilize Excel capabilities such as the use of formulas, borders, etc. You are the teacher. Arrangement of the information to be included in the gradebook will be your decision.

In addition to turning in your gradebook spreadsheet, a one-page justification of your grading policy needs to be included, for example, what areas will be considered in the grading policy, your attendance/make up policy, etc. The policy should state the method used for assigning grades in your class. The policy should indicate the percentage different grading areas are worth. For example if attendance is worth a certain percentage of the grade, what percentage is it worth. You may also want to include the way in which letter grades are assigned such as 90% and above being an A, etc.

The gradebook entry information will be available from the newsgroup.

This assignment if worth 40 points.

Due Date: March 28, 1997