Oklahoma Hay Availability - 12/4/98, 4 p.m.
Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service
(Note: This is Sherman Grubb's list.  We will stop taking additional listings on Friday, December 18, but this list will remain on the Web for several months.  Special thanks to all who helped make this list possible.  -msc)
Location Producer Phone / E-mail Hay Type / Service
Adair Cloe Willyard 918-783-5450 94 5x6 Round Bermuda, Fertilized
Adair Don Peper 918-785-2740 120 5x5 1/2 Wheat Straw
Adair Jim Antoine 918-785-4958 Bermuda/ Fescue - 4x5 Round, 100 Bales (Year Old)
Adair Lester King 918-783-5421  Prairie - Round
Adair Mike Kemp 918-785-2823 Small Square Prairie, Bermuda; Round Prairie; Bermuda/Wheat Mix
Afton A.C. Pyne 918-257-5809 300 5x6 Round Mixed Hay
Afton Arlie Pyne 918-257-5860; scooterp@edumaster.net Prairie, Large Round Bales,1500 Lbs. - $30/bale
Afton Edna Nicks 918-786-2079 50 Round Prairie
Alva Gary or Dennis Schoeling 580-327-1188, 327-2516 123 Round Wheat/Rye, $35/Bale
Ames Bob Taylor 580-753-4684 Rye/Vetch Mixed - Large Round
Ames Lance Mason 580-753-4546 300 Large Round Crabgrass/Bermuda
Arkansas Buck Watson 501-786-5408 300 5x6 Round - Bermuda
Arkansas Elk River Farms 501-786-9529; 786-2073 48 Round - Fescue/Bermuda
Arkansas Ken or Tracy Powers 501-440-2221 500 Square Bermuda and 200 Bermuda/Fescue
Arkansas Michael Bolding 870-425-6508 Square Alfalfa
Arkansas  Dewayne Melvin 870-459-2533 5x6 Round
Arkansas City, KS  Bernie Betzen 316-447-3367 Alfalfa, Prairie - Small Square and Round
Arkansas City, KS  Kent Crane 316-441-0993 Small Square - Alfalfa, Brome
Arkansas City, KS  Martin McCorgray 316-442-4437 Large Round - Brome, Alfalfa; Small Square Bales - Prairie
Ash Flat, AR  Lloyd McCall 870-994-2947 500 Round Bermuda; 4000 Small Square Bermuda (Can Deliver)
Atlanta, GA  Ann Breckenridge 706-613-7337 Orchardgrass, Alfalfa, Mixed Grass (Can Deliver)
Aurora, MO  Henry Blankenship 417-678-4691 4x5 Round Orchardgrass/Clover (Can Bale Square, if Needed)
Avant, Skiatook Jim or Bill Mangold 918-396-4263, 263-3912 500 4x5 Haygrazer, Lespedeza, Prairie
Avilla, IN  Wayne Diehm 219-347-5037 Small and Large Square Alfalfa and Mixed
Balko Don Williams 580-361-2283 800 5x5 Round Old World Bluestem, $17/Bale
Bartlesville Billy Joe Forrest 918-333-4117 JanWay Transportation - Hauling 
Bartlesville Charles Clinclenbeard 918-333-5234 Prarie, Round
Bartlesville David Clapp 918-336-8424 100 5x4 Round - Bluestem/Bermuda Mix
Bartlesville Earl Nichols 918-336-8516 Prairie, Round
Bartlesville Eddie Brown 918-333-2179 Prairie Hay, Round
Bartlesville Jim Koons 316-879-5177 Bermuda, Round
Bartlesville Norman Ernst 918-336-3571 42 4x5 Round Bermuda, $12.50/Bale
Beggs Corky Thompson 918-761-2893 Grass Mix - Round
Big Cabin Randy Walsh 918-476-8215  Mixed - 4x5 Round
Billings George Bellmon 580-725-3361 5x6 Round Wheat Hay Spring Cut, 550 Bales
Bixby Clem Cotton 918-366-3330 Fescue/Bermuda/Clover, 5x5 Round
Bixby Noel Bantly 918-366-3709 Bermuda/Fescue, Round
Blackorder, MO  Eddie Smith 660-846-3645 400 5x6 Round Mixed Grass, 9.8% CP and 70% RFV
Blackwell Jim BcKee 580-363-3283 Alfalfa - Small Square and Round; Grass Hay Round (Can Deliver)
Blackwell Tom Cannon 580-363-0289  Prairie - Square or Round
Boynton Bob Bell 918-472-7391 Prairie - 5x6 Round
Bristow Mike Nida 918-496-2620 Prairie, Fescue/Clover, Bermuda/Prairie, 4x4 Round
Bristow Mike Van Orsdol 918-367-6387 150 4x5 Round Prairie and 1000 Small Square Prairie
Bristow Tim Staton 918-367-2635 60 5x6 Bermuda, Last Year's; 55 5x6 Bermuda This Year's
Broken Arrow Fred Smith 918-664-6088 300 4x6 Net Wrapped Crabgrass
Brookville, KS  Ray Walker 785-225-6722 Round Bluestem
Canada Terry L. Johnston 319-266-4092; terryj@osterinc.com Knows Canadian Suppliers Who Can Truck Hay to Any Location
Carrier Jimmy Geminden 580-855-2544 Alfalfa, Large Round, Small Square
Carrier Kim Ford 580-855-2439 50 Round Bermuda
Catoosa R.W. Underwood 918-266-3095 Scerica Lespedeza w/ Mixed Hay - 4x5 Round
Chandler Robert Reedy 405-258-0185 Soybean Hay, Round or Square
Checotah Joe Harmon 918-473-5427 Trucking - Can Haul Approx. 12,000 Lbs./Load
Chelsea Bob Cox 918-789-5391 Round Sericea Lespedeza, Bermuda, Fescue, Bermuda Mix; Small Square Mixed
Chelsea George Peper 918-789-2096 Fescue/Bermuda, 5x5 1/2 Round Net Wrapped
Chelsea Steve Politte 918-789-3630 Haygrazer, Fescue/Scerica Mix, Johnsongrass
Chester, WV  Shady Lane Farms 304-387-3344 500 Tons Mixed Hay, First Crop - Square and Round 4x5x5 (Can Deliver)
Cheyenne O.L. Dougherty 580-497-3942 Large Round - Alfalfa
Chickasha Hal Pike 405-224-9522; hal_pike@mercur.usao.edu Sudan - Round (High Nitrate - Would Need to be Blended)
Chouteau Craig Shelton 918-476-6403 Bermuda, Small Square
Chouteau Ellard Skinner 918-476-8795 84 Round Bales 1997 Bermuda/Native/Fescue
Chouteau J.D. Walsh 918-476-5200 50 4x6 Bermuda; 50 4x6 Bermuda Mix (Last Year's)
Chouteau Nelson Chupp 918-476-5376 110 4x5 Round Haygrazer, 2nd Cutting, 140 5x4 Round Mixed Grass
Claremore Curtis Bowman 918-341-6085 Alfalfa, Small Square, Prairie Small Square and Round (Can Deliver)
Claremore Don Robbins 918-341-0620 30 Round Grass
Claremore Dwayne Biswell 918-341-2361; 341-7998 Prairie Hay, Round (Can Deliver)
Claremore John Martindale 918-637-2571 M; 341-3311 H 4x5 1/2 - Prairie, Bermuda/Clover
Claremore Kyle Haynes 918-341-2704 4x5 Round - Prairie/Mixed; Net Around Bales
Claremore Mike Mitchell 918-275-4331, 627-4890 1400 5x4 or 6x4 Round Prairie
Claremore Millard Haynes 918-341-0243 4x5 Round - Prairie/Mixed; Net Around Bales
Claremore Pamela Pilgram 918-342-2729 150 5x6 Round Prairie, $30/Bale
Claremore Pat Hill 918-342-5816; 396-0312 Bluestem
Claremore Phil Guerrero 918-543-8355 30 4x5 Round Mixed Grass
Claremore Ray Henderson 918-396-3439 1000 Small Square 1st Cutting Alfalfa from 1997, Barn Stored
Claremore Sunny Side Farm 918-341-7998 Grass Hay
Clarence, MO  Walt Daniel 660-699-3582, 669-3794 Alfalfa Large Round; Alfalfa/Brome Round; Round or Square Mixed; Wrapped
Cleveland Bill Crimmins 918-358-5359 Prairie, Small Square and 4x5 Round
Cleveland Steven Adams 918-243-7249 Haygrazer, Native Grass
Coffeyville, KS  Flying H Hotshot 316-251-0357 Hauling; 2 32-Foot Floats, $1.30-$1.40/Mile
Coffeyville, KS  George Muller 316-661-8986 4x6 Round Mixed, 9.5% CP DM Basis, 49 TDN, $15/Bale
Collinsville E.M.Worstell 918-371-3259 800 Prairie, Round
Collinsville Jesse Merchant 918-371-2744 22 Round Fescue
Collinsville Suzie Easton 918-341-4488 Prairie, 5x5 Round
Colorado Doyle Rider 719-346-5226 Can Deliver Alfalfa from Colorado (Approx. $120/Ton)
Colorado Jim Bass 970-867-2570; 1-800-343-0884 Alfalfa - Medium and Large Square
Columbia, MO  Walnut Hill Farm 573-657-2529 Timothy, Brome, Alfalfa - Small and Large Square (Can Deliver)
Concordia, KS  Jim James 785-243-7102 Large Square Alfalfa
Copan Butch Klaus Trucking 918-532-4434 Available to Haul Hay on Weekends
Copan Jeff Thomas 918-532-4937 900 Small Square Bermuda
Copan John and Bill Strom 918-532-4526 Round Prairie, Red Clover, Bermuda/Fescue/Johnsongrass
Copan Kent Jeeter 918-532-4147 Prairie Hay, Large Square
Copan Maxine Forman 918-532-4429 Prarie, Small Square
Copan Robert Fitzsimmons 918-531-2218 Round Prairie; Small Square Alfalfa
Copan Sam Eddy 918-532-4556; 532-4642 600 4x5 Round - Prairie
Cromwell Kenneth Kinslow 405-944-5775 1500 5x6 & 4x5 Round Fescue, Bermuda, Prairie
Dewey Bob Chaney 918-534-3242 1250 Round Bermuda/Mixed; 400 Last Years Bermuda and Mixed
Dewey Gus Loeffelholz 918-534-3603 21 Large Round Fescue/Lespedeza/Vetch (1997), $12/Bale
Dewey Jim Murphy 918-534-0107 200 Round - Prairie; 325 Round Native/Vetch Mix
Dewey John Inda 918-534-3310 Small Square Alfalfa and Prairie
Dewey Scott Hollopeter 918-534-2313 600 1997 Round; Also Fescue, Clover/Alfalfa/Johnsongrass, Prairie
Diamond, MO  Jerry Carnes 417-358-5941 Bermuda, Casian Bluestem, Orchardgrass - 4x5 Round (Can Deliver)
Enid Bowen Farms 580-635-2339 Alfalfa - 3x4x8 Square
Enid Harold Frazier 580-234-9620 100 Large Round Haygrazer
Enid Jim Hermanski 580-234-0016 Eve, 548-4792 Day 30 Bales Wheat Grass; 30 Bales Wheat Hay
Enid Joe Peeper 580-855-2431 50-75 Large Round Bermuda
Enid John Regier 580-234-9899 Wheat Hay, Round
Enid Kyle Clark 580-242-3669 600 Big Round - Bermuda, Crabgrass
Enid Vaughn Good 580-233-3899 Big Round Alfalfa and Prairie
Eufaula Scott Bailey 918-452-3932 500 5x51/2 Round Grass Hay
Fairland Dan Christophel 918-676-3660  Small Square Fescue/Bermuda
Fairland Scott Garber 918-542-3434 Bermuda, Small Square
Franklin Co., KS  Larry Milliken 785-746-5606 1000 4x5 Round Red Clover
Garber Ralph Stowers 580-863-2772 12 Large Bales Grass
Glenpool James Phillips 918-267-4580 Bermuda, Round
Goldsby Scott Adkins 405-329-5231; 405-280-8032 (Pager) 500 4x5 Round Soybean Hay, Net Wrapped (Can Deliver)
Goodwell Tim Meyer 580-545-3640 H; 806-753-7075 M 600 Round Alfalfa, $80/Ton
Greensburg, KS  Harlan Yost 316-723-3048 50 Bales New Shumac; 50 Carry-over Shumac, 50 CRP Grass at $25/Ton
Grove Bruce Poindexter 918-786-9448 1500 Small Square Bermuda
Grove Charles Rowe 918-786-5059 150 5x6 Round Fescue/Bermuda $25/Bale
Grove John Elmo Butler 918-786-2532 200-250 4x5 round Bermuda, Lespedeza, Prairie, $20/Bale
Grove Wilford Engerlet 918-786-2506 200 5x6 Round Fescue, Bermuda
Guymon David Rapp 580-652-2556 60 Round - Old World Bluestem (Burned and Fertilized)
Guymon Mike Lindsay 580-338-5451 5000 60 Lb. Small Bales Alfalfa; 4000 50 Lb. Old World Bluestem
Guymon Phil Scott 580-338-6821 300 Round Old World Bluestem
Hartville, MO  Wanda Hufft 407-741-7540 4x5 & 5x5 Round, Fescue/Orchardgrass/Clover
Haven, KS  Kenny Schmidt 319-465-2349 Alfalfa - 5x6 Round
Haviland, KS  Eric Smith 316-348-3601 5x6 Round Alfalfa, Some Dairy Quality, A Little Grassy
Hayes, KS  Mike Younger 785-735-2718 Alfalfa, Canefeed, Prairie, Wheat Hay, Large Square and Round (Can Deliver)
Holdenville Jim Walter or Chris Walter 918-855-3773 or 855-9889 (Chris) Round Soybean Hay
Hooker David Rapp 580-652-2556 200 Large Round Sudan
Hugoton, KS  Richard Claggett 316-544-4779 CRP Grass/Native, 5x6 Round, 100 Bales
Idaho Ed Harshbarger 208-652-7964 Alfalfa and Alfalfa/Brome Mix, Large Square 1/2-1 Ton Bales, 15-21% CP
Independence, KS  Harold Swearingen 316-331-5192 94 Bales of 1997 Fescue - 4x5 Round
Inola Bill Underwood 918-543-8212 Fescue/Bermuda/Clover, Round
Inola Brian Mathias 918-543-8826 60 Round Prairie
Inola Kirt Tacker 918-543-8555 4x5 Round - Prairie; 4x6 Round Bales - Prairie
Iowa Jim Brass 515-561-2209 Large Square Alfalfa (Can Deliver)
Iowa (Central) Randy Neszger 319-856-5010 Alfalfa
Jay Bob Kelly 918-786-5273 600 5x6 Bermuda/Fescue Mix
Jay Buck Watson 501-786-5408 100 5x6 Round - Fescue
Jay Charles Rowe 918-786-5059 115 5x6 Hay, $30/Bale
Jay Danny Curl 918-253-8496 500-600 Round - Mixed
Jay David Alexander 918-253-8749 100 5x6 Round Bermuda/Coastal Mix
Jay David Hatch 918-868-3563 400 Small Square - Mixed Grass and Lespedeza ($1.50/Bale)
Jay David or Pete Walter 918-786-9615 Fescue/Ryegrass/Bermuda, Bermuda/Johnson, Fescue - Round
Jay Greg Epperson 918-786-3024 120 5x6 Fescue, 40 5x6 Bermuda, 240 5x6 Mixed, $25/Bale
Jay Jack Phillips 918-687-2995 72 Fescue/Clover - Round
Jay Jerry Davis   250 4x5 Round - Bermuda/Fescue Mix ($20/Bale)
Jay Jim Hendren 918-256-2508 1800 4x5 Round Bermuda and Bermuda Mix
Jay Jim Meeker 918-529-4458 125 5x6 Round
Jay Joe Coble 918-253-4967 100 5x6 Bermuda, 50 Johnsongrass, 50 Fescue/Ryegrass
Jay Joe Herod 918-786-4209 27 5x6 Round - Fescue/Hop/Clover/Bermuda ($25/Bale)
Jay Lee Hobbs 918-253-8293  100 5x51/2 Round - Fescue
Jay Mark Carter 918-786-3568 400 5x6 Bermuda Mix, $25/Bale
Jay Mitchel Ramsey 918-256-1993 Bermuda - Round and Small Square
Jay Paul Scrogham 918-786-3642  61 Fescue/Clover - Round
Jay Rick Morrow 918-253-8280 100 5x6 Round Fertilized Bermuda, Fescue, Yellow Hop Clover
Jay Sam Wilson 918-786-6174 400 5x6 Bermuda, $25/Bale (Can Deliver)
Jay Woody Wilson 918-253-4685 500 Small Square Bermuda, Fescue
Joplin, MO  Jerry Schook 417-682-6814 Has Grass for 450 to 500 Cow Units
Kansas Bill Jenkins 316-365-2382 Round Prairie (60 Mi. North of Coffeyville)
Kansas (central) Brad Hajny 785-745-3412 Large Round Alfalfa, 500 Bales, 15-18% CP, N.
Kansas (N. Central) Bridgette Constable 785-877-5755 W, 877-3984 H Alfalfa, Round 1200 Lb. Bales, 2nd and 3rd Cuttings
Kansas (southeast) Mike Eastwood   300 lg round prarie/brome/fescue, $22.50/Bale
Kansas (Southern) Clarence Bishop 316-537-6766, 496-8637 (M) Square and Round Prairie (Can Devlier)
Kansas (Southern) Paul Brantly 316-784-5893 250 Round Fescue, 150 Round Prairie
Kansas/Nebraska Chris Arthur 913-367-1679  Brome, Alfalfa, Prairie - Square and Round (Can Deliver)
Kellyville Darrell Yochum 918-247-6764 Haygrazer - Round
Kellyville Lawwana Gonzales 918-247-6464 Bermuda Mix, 4x5 Round
Kingfisher Kenneth & Vida Markus 405-375-3977; 375-5548 Oat Straw - 75 Round Bales
Kremlin Farmers Grain Co. 580-874-2219 177 Large Square Alfalfa, 1085 Large Round Alfalfa
Kremlin George Bittle 580-874-2286 Day 600 Large Square Milo
Kremlin Junior Hamm 580-874-2317 400 Round Plains Bluestem
Lahoma Dean Buckminster 580-796-2415; 796-2217 Beardless Wheat - Round
Lahoma Trey Huston 580-796-2649 Crabgrass, Alfalfa
Lamont Chad Muegge 580-388-4345 110 5x6 Round Wheat Hay, 350 5x6 Round Grassy Alfalfa
Lamont Chad Muegge 580-388-4400 80 Large Round Wheat Hay; Grassy Alfalfa
Laverne Gary Neilson 580-921-5302 Native, 150-200 Round
Laverne George Lenz 580-921-3225 Alfalfa, Small Square
Laverne Gerald Williams 580-921-5384 Wheat Hay, Round
Layette, MO  G.W. Stearns 660-248-1441 Eve Orchard Mix & Alfalfa, Med. Square, 850-1000 Lbs. (Can Deliver)
Lebanon, MO  Stanley Rhodes 417-532-2078 Grass Hay - Small Square
Lexington HP Cattle Co. 580-527-0880; 817-821-2892 Large Square and Round Bermuda; Hauling - $2 Per Mile
Liberty-Mounds Kenneth Anderson 918-366-7675, 740-4048 Round Grass Hay
Lincoln, AR  Brian Freeman 501-824-3900 Bermuda, Bermuda/Orchard/Crabgrass Mix, Small Square
Lindsey Jerry England 405-344-7356 Small Square and Round Prairie; Round Alfalfa, Bermuda, Wheat Hay
Lindsey Jerry England 405-344-7356 Small Square; 5x6 Round Prairie, Alfalfa, Wheat Hay; Round Bermuda 
Longdale James Harmon 580-227-3029 Wheat Hay, Round
Manchester Rodney Hughes 316-729-7097 1000 Round Prarie
Mannford Gary Varner 918-865-7631 Commercial Hay Hauling
Mannford Mark Remington 918-865-2841 4x5 Round Prairie/Bermuda Mix
Mapleton, KS  Jack Sutterby 316-743-3251 Large Round Fescue/Lespedeza, Alfalfa/Fescue; Small Square Clover or Alfalfa
Marlin Delores Wycoff 580-268-3255 Prairie, Round
McAlester Crandell Trucking 918-429-0001 Trucking - Has 4 50-Foot Floats
Medford Grant Kirby 918-492-5541 Day; 272-6545 Eve 150 4x6 Round Cow Pea Hay
Medford Loren Kuehny 580-849-6747 5x6 Round, Alfalfa, Prarie, Wheat; Last Year's Haygrazer (Can Deliver)
Miami Arley David 918-542-1738 (Leave Message) Fescue, Clover, Orchardgrass - 107 6x6 Round Bales (Verimer Baler)
Miami Bert Vanatta 918-675-5088 Grass Hay, 4x5 Round
Miami Bob Harrison 918-542-1497 4x5 Round Fescue Mix
Miami Greg Barnes 918-542-7775  Small Square
Missouri (N.E.) Gary Wiskiechen 573-494-3365 10,000 Small Square Alfalfa/Grass Mix
Missouri (S.E.) Elk River Farms 501-786-9529; 786-2073 Fescue/Bermuda - Round
Missouri (S.E.) Gaylen Manning 417-762-3893; 762-3695 Round - Fescue
Missouri (S.E.) Scott Houston 417-775-2941 70 4x5 Round - Fescue Mix
Missouri (S.E.) Wilson Brothers 417-775-2521; 775-2572 300 Fescue - Round; 200 Bermuda/Johnsongrass Net Wrapped
Monett, MO  Russ Neill 417-442-7532 500 Small Round (500 Lbs.) Fescue, $10/bale
Morris Robert Greenly 918-733-2667 200 5x5 Round Soybean Hay, Rained On, $20/bale
Mounds Shirley Miller 918-366-8461 Day; 336-9623 Eve Bermuda Small and Round
Mt. Vernon, MO  Carl Fyfe 417-466-7853 Fescue - Round; Can Deliver for $55 Per Bale
Mt. Vernon, MO  Carl Fyfe 417-466-7853 Has Two Loads in Alabama - Lespedeza/Bermuda, 5x5 Round
Mt.Grove, MO  Jimmy Massey 417-458-4558 5x5 Round Fescue, Bison Rye, and Sudan Hay (Can Deliver, $2/Mile, 42 Bales/Load)
Murdock, NE  John Miller 402-867-2951; jm61510@navix.net Bleached Alfalfa, 2nd Cutting; 17% Protein - Big Square Bales
Muskogee Doug Richison 918-685-7797 (Lv Message) 5x5 Crabgrass/Johnsongrass, Lots of Twine, $30/Bale
N.E. Oklahoma James Numeyer Jr. 918-474-3208 Round Soybean Hay
Nebraska Bob Barkley 402-698-2259 Small and Large Bales Native Grass or Alfalfa (Can Deliver to Ada Area)
North Carolina Greg Salmon 910-285-2357 Hay
North Loup, NE  J.J. Brown 308-496-4494 2000 Tons Alfalfa
North Platt, NE  Kent Boyer 308-368-7275 Large Round Alfalfa
Norwich, KS  Leigh Ramsdale 316-478-2429; 478-2524 650 Large Round Wheat Hay; Also Sudan and Alfalfa
Nowata Clarence Keeton 918-929-7279 Wheat and Fescue Mix, 5x6 Round 
Nowata Craig Wheat 918-468-2314 (Late in Day) Small Square Grassy Alfalfa, Haygrazer/Crabgrass, Mixed; Round Alfalfa/Crabgrass, Grass
Nowata David Taylor 918-273-1860 85 4x6 Round Johnsongrass
Nowata Dean Wickham 918-273-0302 1200 Small Square Prairie hay, In Barn
Nowata Don Mock 918-273-1917 300 Mixed Grass 4x5 Round, Netted
Nowata Dwayne Adams 918-440-7308; 273-7307 2500 Bales - Mixed Grass
Nowata Farrell Tieaskie 918-255-6516 Fescue and Bluestem, 4x5 Round
Nowata Herman Witwer   5x6 Round Bermuda, Bluestem, Lespedeza, Mixed, and Fescue
Nowata Jerry Yirsa 918-273-1064 Alfalfa, Small Square
Nowata John Mackie 918-531-2346 H; 335-7421 M Bluestem/Fescue/Bermuda Mix 4x5 Round
Nowata Leon Sturgeon 918-531-2665 125 5x6 Round Prairie (In Barn)
Nowata Mike Seeley 918-531-2574 Small Square and Round - Timothy, Bermuda, Fescue Mix (Can Deliver)
Nowata Ray Dooley 918-273-1738 1000 4x5 Round Prairie Hay
Nowata Raymond Lucus 918-535-2726; 535-2266 Fescue, 4x4, 4x5 Round
Nowata Rose Marie Smith 918-467-3302 44 5x6 Round Prairie
Nowata Tony Morris 918-467-3565 500 Crabgrass, 50 Crab/Alfalfa Mix, Also Some 1997 Hay
Nowata  Dwight Keeton 918-729-7208 Bluestem, Small Square and 5x6 Round
Oakley, KS  Grant Ostmeyer 765-672-3692 O; 672-3053 H 4x4x8 Grinding Hay
Ochelata Steve Parmeter 918-535-2837 60 4x5 Round Prairie
Oglesby Malcolm Joyce 918-661-1483 Day; 333-0430 Eve 300 Small Square Prairie
Okemah Allen Johnson 918-623-2468 Small Square - Soybean
Okemah Clyde Walker 918-623-0838 300 4x5 1/2 Round Mixed Grass
Okmulgee Bruce Mabrey 918-756-8039 W; 756-9530 Fescue/Bermuda, 4x5 Round, Bermuda, Small Square
Okmulgee Mike Earls 918-493-3566 Round Prairie/Bermuda and Prairie/Fescue, Net Wrapped
Oolagah Russell Cox 918-272-9400 Bermuda, Round
Osborne, KS  Bohm Farm and Ranch 800-745-2103  Alfalfa and Prairie - 4x8 Square
Osborne, KS  Lance Wolters 785-346-2848 5x6 Round Alfalfa and Small Square Alfalfa
Ozark, AR  Clyde Morgan 501-667-4255 Bermuda Mix and Rye, Fescue, Clover Mix, Round
Parsons, KS  Lyle Lomas 316-421-4826  Round
Pauls Valley Lewis Arthur 405-238-3766 150 Tons Milo Hay, Has Been Tested
Pauls Valley Rick Wilkerson 405-238-5984 Large Square Alfalfa, Wheat Hay
Pauls Valley Rusty Halverson 405-783-4483 150 Tons Milo Hay, Has Been Tested
Pawhuska Bill Kendrick 918-287-2898; 629-8707; 629-4242 250 4x5 Clover Fescue; 150 Bermuda
Pawnee George Sexton 918-762-2009 Prairie Hay, Round
Pawnee J.T. Adams 918-762-2268 930 Small Square and 75 5x5 Round, Prairie
Pawnee Joe Day 918-762-3193 H, 918-738-4255 D 75 Ton Round Soybean Hay
Pawnee Johnnie Sallee 918-762-2663 Prairie and Bermuda, Small Square and Round
Pawnee Lynn Brien 918-762-2427 Prairie, Small Square
Pawnee N.W.Skidgel, Jr. 918-762-2275 240 Tons Large Round Soybean Hay
Pawnee Scott Wilson 405-377-5077 Large Round; 100 Prairie Hay, 45 Bermuda, 50 Jose Wheatgrass
Pawnee Vic Bruns 918-762-3647 100 Round Bermuda and Native
Pearl City, IL  Doug Block 815-864-2789 Alfalfa, Large Square
Perry Bucky Stout 580-336-2903 4000 Small Square Alfalfa, 1st & 2nd Cuttings; 5x6 Round Soybean Hay
Perry Dan Grimm 580-336-5342 300 Small Square - Prairie
Perry Danny Kroll 580-336-4702 Large Square Johnsongrass/Alfalfa Mix; Crabgrass/Wheatstraw/Alfalfa Mix
Perry Gene Kroll 580-336-2799 Oats, Round
Perry Kim Hale 405-743-6811 Prairie, Small Square and Round
Perry Mike Megloh 580-336-2123; 336-7623 4x5 Round - Prairie (2000 Available 8/27)
Platville, WI  Frances Lipska 608-348-9003 Alfalfa, 3x3x8 - Square (Can Deliver)
Pocasset George Perkins 405-459-9191 Large Square Alfalfa; Large Round Grass
Ponca City Robert Dick 580-762-5913  Alfalfa and Prairie - 4x6 Round
Ponca City Robert Klinger 580-762-7033 Large Round - Prairie, Johnson/Oats, Alfalfa
Ponca City Wallace Edwards 580-765-6645 Big Square - 4x4x8 - Alfalfa
Princeton, WI Roger Sevanson 920-295-6364 200 DM Tons Alfalfa, RFV 140-180, 3x3x6 Plastic Wrapped Bales
Proctor Troy Taylor 918-723-4510; 478-9272 125 4x5 Round Native Mix (In Barn)
Pryor Ben Troyer 918-825-5362 Bermuda Mix, 4x5 1/2 Round
Pryor Bob Willis 918-468-2357 120 5x6 Round Prairie (Last Year's)
Pryor Dale Sadler 918-825-1846 Bermuda/Fescue/Clover, Round, Prairie, Small Square
Pryor Danny Hauenstein 918-825-1440 300 Prairie, 5x51/2 
Pryor Ginger Huckleby 918-785-5028 18 Bales 1997 Round Prairie
Pryor James Boston 918-825-1224 15 Bales Bermuda Mix Round
Pryor Jeff True 918-825-2505 180 Bermuda/Clover 1000 Lb. Round
Pryor Jim Floyd 918-825-4277 1000 Small Square Bermuda/Native
Pryor Mike Mefford 918-825-8532 Fescue/Bermuda/Clover - 50 5x6 Round, Net Wrapped
Pryor Ray Mayes 918-825-2019 Bermuda/Fescue - Round, This Year's and Last
Pryor Tom Davis 918-825-0268 200-300 5x5 1/2 Fescue/Grass
Pryor Tom Davis 918-825-0268 196 4x5 Round Bermudagrass
Purcell Jerry McCall 405-527-8795 200 Large Square and Round Soybean Hay
Purcell John Cline 405-527-7071 Alfalfa - Small Square
Purcell Sandra Roberts 405-527-2334 80 4x5 Round Soybean Hay $30/Bale; 20 Round Prairie $20/Bale
Purdy, MO  Glenn Terry 417-442-7397 H; 442-3216 W  Fescue/Orchard, 5x6 Round
Quapaw Casey Abernathy 918-674-2591 Bluestem, 1000+ 4x4x8 Squares (Can Deliver)
Ramona Lynn Prather 918-535-2866 Round Prairie; Round Bluestem/Clover
Ramona Rick Jones 918-371-9239 Bluestem, Small Square and Round
Red Cloud, NE  Vernon Kreuger 402-746-2617 50 Round Bales - Free - You Haul
Richland, IA  Rick Spray, Fix'r Farms 319-456-2509; fixr@lisco.com 6500 Small Square Alfalfa and Alfalfa/Grass Mix (Possible Trucking Available)
Rose Mike Phelander 918-479-6612 25 4x6 Round Fertilized Bermuda, $33/Bale
S.E. Missouri Eddie Lindsey 417-833-4414 4x5 Round and Square Red Clover and Grass Hay
Salina Ed Giles 918-434-5198 Bermuda - 5x5 Round, 100 Bales
Salina Richard Quinn 918-434-5305 70 4x5 Round Native; 51 4x5 Fescue
Salisaw Bo Gabbert 918-776-0850 Small Square Mixed
San Luis Valley, CO  Quinlan Farms 719-672-0618; quinlanfarms@amigo.net 600 Tons 4x4x8 Range Hay; Slight Rain Damage; $85
Sand Springs Larry Abboud 918-241-4400 90 4x5 Round (1200 Lbs.) Johnsongrass/Bermuda/Lespedeza Mix
Sand Springs  Larry Hellard 918-756-5208 Johnsongrass, 4x5 and 5x6 Round
Sapulpa Harold Bell 918-227-0041 100 4x5 Round Oat Hay, $25/Bale
Sapulpa Oscar Warren 918-224-6602 Prairie, Last Year's Hay, 100 Bales 4x6 Round
Sapulpa Ron Adwers 918-445-1141 Day; 446-4995 Eve 60 4x5 Round Horse Quality Bermuda
Sawyer Red Neck Trucking 580-326-0096 Trucking
Sayre Jim Walter or Chris Walter 918-855-3773 or 855-9889 (Chris) Alfalfa
Sayre Stan Baker 580-928-2961, 928-2826 Hauling; 48-Foot Float, Rate Negotiable
Seiling Archer Farms 580-922-4623 400 4x8 Alfalfa Cow Hay, 400 4x6 Round Bermuda and Prairie
Seymour, MO  Larry Holmes 417-738-4308 Fescue/Clover - 4x5 Round, Fescue/Alfalfa - Small Square
Sharon Walter Adams 580-866-3344 Old World Bluestem; Weeping Love Grass
Shawnee Steve Thomas 405-214-9142 40 4x5 Round Johnsongrass
Shawnee William Dagy 405-273-3393, 275-9008 45 4x5 Round Clover/Fescue mix, Cut in May, Sprayed, $35/Bale
So. Coffeyville Carl Thomas 918-255-3287 Prarie, Round
South Central OK Larry Herman 1-800-725-3026, Pin 0931 Needs Pasture for Cattle
South Coffeyville Bill Raasch 918-255-6165 5x6 Round Crabgrass/Wheatstraw; Crabgrass/Wheatstraw/Johnsongrass
Springfield, MO  James Dampier 417-428-3657 600 Bales Fescue Mix - 4x5 1/2 (Can Deliver)
Stillwater Robert Gholson 405-377-0612 130 Round - Grassy Alfalfa
Stillwater Sheryl Hale 405-743-5553 Prairie, Round
Tahlequah Paul Gower 918-456-8884 Bermuda and Johnsongrass, Small Square
Talala Earl Hart 918-275-4667 Fert. Fescue, Baled Early - 187 4x6 Round Bales
Talala Jim Ecker 918-371-9357 100 4x5 Round, Clover/Vetch/Fescue/Bermuda
Talala John VanPelt 918-275-4387 200 Ton Prairie - Small Square, $2.75-3.00/Bale
Tecumseh Dewayne Coleman 405-997-5893, 641-2995 M Small and Large Square Alfalfa, Grassy Alfalfa, Sudan, Brome (Can Deliver)
Thayer, KS  Jones Dairy 316-839-5779 Bluestem/Johnsongrass 4x5 Round; Fescue, 4x5 Round; Also Alfalfa Soon
Topeka, KS  Wesley Brown 785-478-9692 500 Ton Prairie Hay, Early Cutting; 500 Ton Brome Hay, Large Round
Tulsa Ron Coonce 918-358-3006 150 5x4 Prairie, 150 Haygrazer 5x4 Round
Tulsa County Glenn Smalygo 918-396-1317, 396-4794 Prairie, Fescue Mix, Haygrazer, Wheat, Johnsongrass, Bermuda Mix
Union City Eldon Bollinger 405-483-5557 300 Large Square Alfalfa, $100-110/Ton
Union City Lawrence Lagaley 405-483-5362 Wheat Straw, Round
Unionville, MO  Marvin Condra 660-947-2163 Round, Grass
Vinita Bill Iron 918-783-5236 Small Square - Mixed Hay
Vinita Bill Jarvis 918-256-7700 500 5x6 Round - Bermuda/Fescue
Vinita Bob Wiley 918-256-8432 Johnsongrass Hay
Vinita Brad Bell 918-788-3876 600 Round Soybean Hay, Weigh 1400 Lbs.
Vinita Brad Bell 918-788-3876 Soybean Hay (Will Trade for Cows)
Vinita Brad Mont 918-788-3641 200 5x6 Fescue/Prairie
Vinita Dale Dorsey 918-788-3848 1000 Small Square Bermuda/Fescue; 21 Round Fescue
Vinita David Bradshaw 918-256-2996 218 5x6 Round Bermuda
Vinita Gary Steinhoff 918-256-5972 150 Prairie, $20/Bale (Last Year’s); 50 Bermuda, $25 (This Year’s) 
Vinita Gary Steinhoff 918-256-5972 200 5x6 Round Bermuda Mix
Vinita Greg Leonard 918-257-8252 100 bales Bermuda/Fescue
Vinita Herman Schellhorn   95 5x6 Round Fescue/Bermuda
Vinita Herman Schellhorn 918-437-1134 95 5x6 Round - Fescue/Bermuda/Clover Mix
Vinita Jan Kimrey 918-929-7353 75 5x6 Round 
Vinita Jerrod Culver 918-257-4006; 540-0308 30 Fescue/Crabgrass
Vinita Jim Beisly 918-256-3015 68 Bales Sericea Lespedeza
Vinita John Myers 918-256-7803 5x6 Prairie
Vinita Les Miers 918-256-2094 Day; 256-3213 Eve Small Square - Prairie, Bermuda/Lespedeza
Vinita Limon Johnson 918-788-3557; 788-3739 Prairie or Fescue Round Bales
Vinita Pauline Christian 918-256-5878 4x4 Round Fescue/Bluestem/Clover
Vinita Ralph Rexwinkle 918-929-3439 5x6 Round
Vinita Randy Shultz 918-256-6090 15 Bales Prairie Hay
Vinita Ray Burton 918-782-3806 100 5x6 Round Prairie
Vinita Ray Bussey 918-256-6900 H; 256-6411 W Large Square and Round Bermuda or Prairie
Vinita Rick Partain 918-257-4153 500 Round Bermuda
Vinita Sandy Westrope 918-788-3213 200 5x6 Round Prairie
Vinita Shawn Christens 918-273-0203 400 Round
Vinita Tara Smith 918-256-3953 5x5 Bermuda/Prairie
Vinita Tim Carter 918-256-6331, 781-4921 99 Round Bermuda/Fescue
Vinita Tom Chenoweth 918-542-1148 5x6 Round Prairie
Vinita Tom Morrison 918-256-5534 Can Haul Hay, Round or Large Square
Vinita Wayne Gilman 918-256-7868 80 Round and 50 Large Square Bermuda/Fescue/Prairie
Vinita Wayne Johnson 918-257-4589 200 5x6 Round Bermuda, Net Wrapped
Wagoner Beachel Collins 918-485-2673 Round Prairie
Wagoner Earl Burnley 918-455-6337 200 Round Last Year's Johnsongrass
Wagoner Robert Hughes 918-485-4200 W, 485-4146 H Round Bermuda/Fescue/Yellow Hop Clover Mix, $40/Bale
Wagoner Teddy Jacoby 918-485-9054 Bermuda/Fescue, Small Square, 4x5, 4x6
Wann Burrows Trucking 918-531-2626 Trucking
Wann Rick Greenfield 918-255-6298 Fescue Mix, 4x5 Round
Washington Glenn Frankenberg 405-288-6867 Large Square Soybean $80/Ton, 160 Large Square Sudan (1997)
Waurika Johnny Richardson 580-228-2258 Wheat Straw and Rye Grass, 5x5 1/2, $20/Bale
Weaubleau, MO  John Lewton 417-282-6403 Fescue/Clover Mix - 4x5 Round (Can Deliver)
Welch Dale Dorsey 918-788-3848 700 Small Square Bermuda/Fescue, 20 Round Fescue
Wessington, SD  Jil Johnsen 605-458-2670 Alfalfa, Brome, Prairie, Mid-sized Square
Westville Buster Allcorn 918-723-3863  Bermuda + Mix Grass, 5x6 Round
Westville Warren Favor 918-723-5308  Bermuda/Clover, 5x5 Round
Windsor, MO  Jim Walthall 660-647-2570 Grass Hay
Winfield, KS  Rod Smith 316-221-4533 Small Square - Alfalfa; Brome - Round
  Daryl Thomason Trucking 580-584-2895 Can Haul Hay From West KS, CO, NE, and NM Areas
  Gregg Blair 405-872-8846 60 Round 5x5 Net Wrapped Bermuda
  James Higgins 918-331-9752, 330-4400 Prairie, Alfalfa, Bermuda, Small Square and Round Bales
  Jim Lambke 580-233-2255 60 Large Round Lovegrass
  John Ingram 580-757-2370 80 Large Round Sudan, Hay Analysis & Nitrate Tested
  Kyke Hohmann 580-237-9430  Wheat - Round
  L&M Trucking 918-546-2134 H; 918-424-2014 M Trucking
  Rick Renfroe  1-800-725-3384 Pacesetter Trucking Co. 
  Sherry King 918-297-2850 Large Round Prairie
  Tim Freeman 405-379-2724 Alfalfa/Grass, Round Grass; Small Square Alfalfa, Grass/Clover, Prairie
  Tom Peters 405-452-5820 Alfalfa/Grass, Round Grass; Small Square Alfalfa, Grass/Clover, Prairie
  Tony Morris 918-467-3565 500+ 4x5 Round Mixed; Also Sudangrass
Last Updated on 12/4/98
By Margi Stone Cooper
Email: flyingc@okstate.edu